Chromium update wrong window size

After today’s update, noticed that when I maximize Chromium window, it doesn’t fit the screen anymore…

[2021-10-19T17:29:37-0300] [ALPM] upgraded chromium (94.0.4606.81-1 -> 95.0.4638.54-1)


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Is that maximised, or is the window just larger than the screen resolution (so just needs to be shrunk)?

(Works OK here under GNOME+Wayland)

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Yes, it’s maximised, when I open for the first time, it fits the screen correctly, the problem happens when I minimize and then maximize the window

closed and just opened again, it’s normal

XFCE here

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Hmm. As a data point, can’t replicate here, but then I’m not running Xfce.

Does it also happen with a guest window or completely clean instance, e.g. HOME=$(mktemp -d) chromium ?

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Guest window same behavior, it opens correctly, and then problems happens


Regarding the (mktemp -d) chromium, unfortunately didn’t understand how to accomplish that test

I didn’t reboot after the update, let me test that, having a feeling that will work, one sec
Edit: Rebooted but the problem persists… Really strange…

It works fine on my system. 1680x1050 monitor on KDE.

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Thanks for the input, I guess it is something specific to my system…

GNOME + Wayland OK
KDE 1680x1050 also OK
XFCE 1920x1080 here by the way (non OK for me)

I’m not so worried about it, I’ll change the DE next week, or during the weekend, but thanks everyone

Same problem here with Chrome. Not sure what started the problem but exactly the same issue you are having.

oh, thanks for the input, I was thinking that it was something only affecting my system/setup…
So probably will affect more people than just us two…

I have the issue on two totally different PC’s here. On first opening Chrome, it fits the monitor perfectly. But if you resize the window, then maximize it, it becomes larger than the available screen size.

Okay… i don’t have this problem on mine. Did you check settings, appearance, page zoom?

If you run:

HOME=$(mktemp -d) chromium

then this sets the $HOME variable to a new temporary directory and then runs Chromium in a completely fresh state, unaffected by any other settings you might have in your normal $HOME.

Page zoom is set to 100%

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Same behavior with that command, as soon as I resize the window, then maximize it, it becomes larger than the available screen size.

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Just noticed a new strange behavior…
I always change my taskbar background style from transparent to solid color


When the Chromium resize window bug happens, the taskbar background becomes transparent again.
The settings remains solid color but the taskbar becomes transparent.

before bug:

after resizing chromium window

I don’t understand where these problems come from because i don’t have them. Very strange but maybe is because i don’t have many changes to the standard setup? :man_shrugging:

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I don’t change almost anything too, I’m using the XFCE EndeavourOS default theme as per image below…


Only changes I did is to change the transparency of the panel…
Added a few shortcuts to my panel and removed others…

Same version?


Exactly same version as you, updated yesterday