Issues with XFCE maximize

Hi everyone,

I recently installed endeavouros xfce (offline install) on a laptop. Everytime I maximize a window, it enlarges slightly beyond the size of my screen, so that the top and bottom of the window are no longer visible.

At first I thought this was a display settings issue, but if I tile a window left or right it fits fine and looks correct, so I don’t think that’s it. It only arises specifically with maximizing a window.

I was wondering if anyone else had seen this problem or had a solution. It’s not the biggest issue in the world, but it’s very bizarre.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Some users have been reporting similar issue to yours but the wrong windows size in Xfce seems to be related to browser (Chromium) windows in their case. You might want to have a look:

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Had this happen with one of my Brave windows today. But it was only one of about 15 open programs that had this issue. I couldn’t even force the window size via wmctrl.

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Interesting I will take a look, I didn’t think to look at aplications. It’s happened with a few other applications as well, but I wonder if those ones are all electron based or something similar. I will try some tests tomorrow. Thanks!

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My usual trick for this is to manually resize the window using the arrows as I wish, then switch to the maximum size, then to the previous size, and then close. The next time you open it, the window will usually be the right size. I first used this on Windows, but it has also worked on Linux desktops.

This is happening in mine since I installed :enos: XFCE with my Vivaldi browser which is based on Chromium. For some reason, the window doesn’t maximize correctly it’s just kind of stuck in the unmaximized state but bigger.

What I do is click the maximize button which makes the window bigger and click on the XFCE whiskers menu which makes the Vivaldi window fit my screen get maximized correctly.


Odd things happening with Xfce and Chromium-based browsers nowadays.

Yeah, the thing is both are my favorites hope nothing serious would happen.

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from reading the other forum post and some of my own experiments it seems to only happen with XFCE/Chrome based browser/1920x1080 resolution screen. Strange behavior, but it happens in other distributions with XFCE, and some the bug has been reported, so hopefully there will be a fix soon. Strange though.

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