Can't change the Power Saving Options

Whenever i change the Screen Blank, Automatic Suspend or Power Button Behavior, they change back to default as soon as i leave that menu section. Is there any other way to change those options besides Settings? I’m using Gnome but never had this problem on any other gnome distro.

Are you using hibernate (suspend to disk) or sleep (suspend to RAM)?

Please post some system infos first.

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Look into dconf-editor.

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i have no idea which of those two is being used, it’s a fresh install of Endeavour OS with Gnome and i only added dash to panel and arcmenu. It doesn’t let me change those settings so i guess it’s using whatever comes by default on Endeavour.

also which of those system logs would you need?

If you didn’t chose hibernate (requires swap), then you are using sleep aka suspend to RAM I believe. Depending on whether you system supports it. For starters some hardware infos would be useful.

Have you read the eos article I linked to above?

inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host | eos-sendlog

You can use the system journal to also show log of events, like when you computer suspends or freezes, it would be appropriate to save the log and post here. In the eos welcome app there is a handy tool that automates providing proper infos with some check boxes.

Did you get a chance to try @pebcak suggestion?

I mentioned the same problem a while ago. I think I was told it’s its a Gnome bug. I can’t change power button behavior either. It just reverts to default (sleep).


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@DonSauce this happened to me as well on both EndeavourOS & Arch Gnome installs, I’m using this extension & my screen no longer goes black/blank

I haven’t tried dconf-editor as @pebcak suggested, yet.