Can't change screen brightness

It worked fine when I installed the Cassini Nova release, but after resetting my computer and installing the newest release I can’t change the screen brightness at all.

I’ve tried setting acpi_backlight to video, vendor, and native in grub and for video and native, sys/class/backlight is empty and the screen brightness slider doesn’t appear in the system tray. I’ve also tried xbacklight which just shows “No outputs have backlight property”
When I try setting acpi_backlight to vendor, it creates a link in sys/class/backlight called ideapad.
There is a slider in the system tray but changing it doesn’t do anything and xbacklight doesn’t work but acpilight does which just changes the value but doesn’t do anything to the screen.

Thanks for any help

maybe this package if not already installed

xorg-xbacklight is installed

Ok I think ive found out the issue but im not sure how to solve it

On the arch wiki for backlight, it says that nomodeset can interfere with changing the backlight for optimus laptops and I think it might be doing the same here even though its not an optimus laptop
But without nomodeset I can’t boot up my computer
on acpi_brightness=video it freezes on the splash screen after setting up the sound card, but I do see that it sets up intel_backlight which I didn’t have with nomodeset
on vendor it loads into a static screen and on native it freezes on sddm

also see that the intel driver could be an issue. because your output displays no driver.

Device-1: Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver: N/A

might be worth having a read:

and check this post in the forum since its the same graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620, and might need those packages depending on kernel.

hmm I think the problem is that I cant modeset so the drivers wont load
i have xf86-video-intel so the drivers should be working otherwise

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another clue could be that from the Oct update EOS seems to have made a change, and the intel nouveau package was removed to allow booting computers with nvidia. I think you are on the path of solving this.

@joekamprad could that create a problem for his intel card driver? Intel UHD Graphics 620

We removed the xf86-video-nouveau package and are using the mod-setting driver in the Linux kernel instead

This announcement is from 4 years ago so I don’t think thats the problem and I believe nouveau is just the driver for nvidia and doesn’t affect intel systems

oops that happens when using my phone to search/answer forum questions. You are right with nouveau.

but something is off with kernel parameters or intel packages/driver since it worked before.

I am not too good at that, at that point I would try some of the arch wiki recommendations including the section on backlight. hope someone can jump in here to help you further.

I dont know if this will help at all but when I don’t have nomodeset in the boot commands, it loads into sddm and i can mode the cursor, but when I press something on the keyboard, the cursor freezes for like half a second
sddm is also completely frozen and I cant type to login, use the virtual keyboard, or access tty