The October release has arrived

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As of today, you can download our latest ISO with an updated offline installer.

The ISO contains:

  • Linux kernel 5.3.6
  • Mesa 19.2.1-1
  • Systemd 243.51-1
  • Firefox 69.0.3-1 (Quantum)
  • The updated EndeavourOS welcome launcher on both the live environment as on the installed system. Besides being a one-click menu to the wiki for the basic system commands and setting up your hardware, it also offers to install UFW (firewall), LibreOffice, Chromium and Bluetooth manager for Xfce.

We also took care of some bugfixes:

  • We removed the xf86-video-nouveau package and are using the mod-setting driver in the Linux kernel instead. At this moment the best option to let the ISO boot on Nvidia card systems, including the newer ones.
  • Due to the updated kernel and mesa packages, the issue with newer AMD graphic cards not booting the ISO or showing flickering screens with artefacts has been solved.
  • Calamares isn’t looking for updates anymore since this slowed down the install process for a lot of users. Instead, we offer this service in the welcome menu after install.
  • A general cleanup

As a reminder to Nvidia card users, our nvidia-installer is installed by default after install. You only have to follow our wiki for instructions, the link is provided in our Welcome menu.

There are still some upstream bugs with Calamares, so we advise you to take a look at

while downloading the ISO.

For people who are already running EndeavourOS, you don’t need to install this version, when you regularly update your system, you’re up to date.

You can download the ISO over here.

A note to our torrent users, the torrent link only downloads the ISO, for the sig file and md5sum you have to download it directly from Github. We kindly request to use torrent, so the Github page will be unburdened quicker.


I think the link to the tips is missing here?

Edit: Ok, the frame doesn’t show up in the forum. On the website it’s ok. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for the next release and the improvements. I did like the fact that you set Calamares to install updates before as it meant the system was fully updated upon installation, but moving it to the welcome app is good. Thanks again.

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It only move update time. This is why monthly releases are mandatory now. Just imagine a 3 months old installation ISO… It will hurt a lot on post-install updates…

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Yes, I guess that makes more sense. I just enjoyed seeing it do the upgrade before rebooting. Thanks.

Just wanted to say I’m really pleased with the October ISO. The artifact issue for Radeon and being able to boot on Nvidia without any issues is great. Can’t wait for the net installer. :grinning: