Can't boot from live usb

I make a new bootable uefi endeavouros but when I click to boot into it stuck in triggerring uevents

What do you mean click to boot into it? :thinking: How did you create the live usb?

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I mean when I click “boot endeavouros Default” I used refus to create it.

Okay so you mean it’s not booting up on the live ISO from the default grub menu entry. How did you create the live usb? It makes a difference.

Edit: It looks like it’s trying to boot from a pxe network boot? Disable pxe boot in bios.

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Welcome yashar :smiley:

I wish you successful installation

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I don’t see anything called pxe boot in the BIOS settings

Okay… you may just not see it in one of the sub menus. I’m not 100% if this is the issue anyway. I just don’t ever recall seeing pxe entry on the boot before. Please tell me how you created the live ISO?

I simply used in win, even use another usb flash and use ventoy

Are you creating it from Windows?

Edit: Sorry i didn’t catch that at first. I myself do not like or use ventoy or rufus. I use popsicle on linux. On windows i would use etcher.

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Ok I try it with etcher but I installed Manjaro and Ubuntu in the same way before and I had no problem

Also what is your hardware? What is the graphics card?

intel i5 11400/ integrated intel gpu

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This is the etcher i mean on Windows.

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Do you have a USB that was used before to make ISOs?

I had some trouble that my old sticks where not really clean formatted, even not with gparted. Maybe its just the stick…

I used etcher same thing happend and Hang at ‘triggering uevents’

Not sure what the issue is. Can you remove quiet from the boot and see if it gets anyfurther and shows some more information?

Maybe you need to try booting with some kernel parameters?


how add it I don’t have access to the terminal

Boot on the live ISO at the grub menu press e for edit and add after quiet in the grub command line.

I think it has to be:
nomodeset i915.modeset=0

Arch wiki

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