Bye bye Atom

Never liked it, too resource intensive. It has now become yet another casualty of Microsoft.


A text editor written in JavaScript. I won’t miss it.

I’m quite happy with Kate, btw.

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For years I used Dbase III+ on Unix (Foxbase) and Foxpro (all the way up to 9, the last version before M$ bought and killed it). Really miss them, nothing compares or is available any more :cry:

You could always use dbase5 in a dosbox… :grin:

Luckily I haven’t had to run any matches across 17 million entries or so in a while…

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I had DBIII running in a dosbox, but cannot find the disk anywhere (and no longer have a floppy drive).

I’d have to some digging too - it is definitely on an old Win machine, and I have one (older) machine with a combo drive (3.5 floppy, SD card etc etc) that I might be able to resuscitate - if I can’t find it (dbase5) loose somewhere. Perhaps even one of the old Win machines might boot and enable network access… quite a trick to get at the old stuff! Maybe go through the Amiga - I have floppies on that!

It will be on one of the abandonware sites, they are all blocked at work :frowning:




a pity :cry:, but it was foreseeable that microsoft would rely on vs code

This is interesting, the developer of Atom is now working on:

Can’t access at work :rofl: will read tonight!!



@ivanhoe dammit i’m :turtle:


So when M$ kill it, we know what to say :rofl:

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written in Rust

for performance it is better than electron. very good approach :+1:

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Awesome! +10 hipster points from the start.
:crab: :bearded_person:t4:

“BTW, it’s written in Rust” is the new “BTW, I use Arch”


Stop putting words in my mouth :rofl:

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How can you miss something you never used.

and the vampire now got wings with codespaces :grinning:

I hear you. Once Ashton Tate went down, that was the end of an era for me. I did buy Foxpro, can’t remember which version. I had so many projects in DbIII, Foxpro looked like a good fit. Then the bad news came, M$ got their grubby hands on it, and that was the end. I gave all my code to my dev who got it runnin gon Nanucket Clipper and I took a very long vacation from application programming. Hey, come to think of it, I’m still on that vacation.

btw, bye bye Atom, we won’t miss you.

Also check out:

Lightning-fast and Powerful Code Editor

Open source. Quick from launch to every keystroke, and batteries included.

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