Budgie DE System settings not working

Hello everybody,

since a couple of days now I am not able to open the system settings in my Budgie Desktop.
I run the updates daily and not sure if which one broke the system settings.

I did install arco linux yesterday and ran into the same issue. I did switch the DE at the login to gnome (Desktop, Classic) and system settings are working.

Here is the overview from this system (both run on the same laptop) on two differnet disks

OS: EndeavourOS Linux x86_64 ← it is also still “only” Atlanis and not Atlantis neo
Kernel: 5.16.14-arch1-1
DE: Budgie 10.6
WM: Mutter(Budgie).

See this thread and install budgie-control-center-git from the AUR:

Hello ishaanbhimwal,

thank you very very much for the quick reply and the link.

I did two steps:

  1. sudo pacman -Runs gnome-control-center
  2. yay -S budgie-control-center

and everything works again.

I will also test this on the other arch based distro.
All the best

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