[RPi400] "System Settings" not really working

Hi everyone,

I continue my exploration of DEs/WMs with Budgie freshly installed on a µcard SD.
And like x86-64 here :
Budgie DE System settings not working
“System Settings” opened once and crashed definitively.
The solution was to install budgie-control-center from AUR :

sudo pacman -Runs gnome-control-center
yay -S cmake pkg-config
yay -S budgie-control-center

But after launch “System settings”, I can’t change language and “Automatic Login” doesn’t work.

Edit : “Automatic Date & Time” doesn’t work as well.

Are you using the latest ISO. It has an Arm installer on Welcome. Budgie already includes all of the packages required such as budgie-control-centre. Just image the micros sd and then put the card into the pi and run the install to install budgie.

Edit: I am running on Rasberry Pi 400 also.


Hi @ricklinux ,

Since my first post, I change to i3wm. So I didn’t have Budgie any more on my Pi400.
Maybe those bugs are solved… I don’t know.

Thanks for your answer