Are there Linux users around you?

My conversions have all gone very well - but they have been ‘targeted’ conversions. First I find out what they want to do, to ensure that it is easy to do so on Linux. Second, I discover whether they have had any troubles with Windows. Third, I point out that better support is available for any potential probs (from me) if they are NOT on Windows!

So far, 5 for 5 successful swaps (coming up to 10 years now for most) - but I used Ubuntu for most back then… (and I still wouldn’t put them on Arch/EnOS, probably Mint or Mx-Linux if was restarting now).

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i disagree, this is an incredibly optimistic view of the general population. Really what benefit does linux carry for the average person? Realistically, none as far as most are concern.

yes technically it has benefits, but so does switching to renewable energy but people cant be bothered to give a crap about that either. Most people, if it doesnt significantly effect their day to day and give some very obvious benefits simply dont care in the slightest.

Invasive data collection, government spying, government and corporations not caring about your data security, etc…all important, but also all things that most dont even bother to care about, and linux is no different.

This is usually the best way to go about talking about linux, you need to have the conversation with people that linux can easily work for, and that are willing to take that step. Most are not and many Linuxers try too hard to convert ANYONE but Linux simply isnt for just anyone most of the time (not yet at least).

I have a friend ive known for many years that i always joke with them about the fact they havent switched to linux yet, but really Linux isnt usable for them. They do audio/video production and while linux CAN do that to a degree the tools for it simply arent as developed as other platforms so it would be starting from zero again.

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No. I am the black sheep among those normies :rofl:

There are few of my mates who really like Linux but they are both stuck in apps like MS office and Adobe. For me conversion was easy because I have never used any those proprietary apps on my PC.

This is the issue i run into most, the adobe suite is so ingrained and only up till recently did OSS really start bringing the fight to them. GIMP, a good OSS Compositor, and a good all around OSS Video editor (kdenlive works but its no premiere lol) is probably the 3 that really need to play catch up with Adobe as IMO things like Darktable, Krita, etc. are flat out better than adobes products.

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I’ve gotten a handful of people to switch when I explained that what they where using their computer for didn’t need windows (watching movies, scrolling Facebook etc). They’ve also gotten me to install it for others when they seen how well it worked.

My wife used xp for years but someone else talkee about security and came on a point to install manjaro on… but i dont maintain te updates she must do herself. But let her made passwordless update on pamac even de passw is easy lol… but i look once a while if everything is updated… lol

They are in course of ethical hacking, as much as I know about them.

Yes, I agree there are some people like this. In my experience this is a small amount. However, I do not travel in Uni/College circles, hangout spots… My experience is mostly at work and a small group of friends.

Also, switching people from Windows is a uphill battle. There is a reason in the 90’s Microsoft gave away Windows NT and 3.1/95 to schools in the US. Start people young in your crap ideology. Also, as for Mac/IOS it is a Luxury brand keeping up with the Joneses ideology.

Besides one local convertee, I know two others using pure Arch. Both female, one of the by birth. The former is my “go to” for problems, so I don’t bother the forums too much. :joy:

Lol, old people who know little about computers are also a good target, install Linux Mint or any reasonably stable Linux distro on their computer, and bobs your uncle another Linux chad is born, chances are they’d not even notice a difference, as long as google works


I don’t really know many people in that group interestingly. People whose use of technology is so light that they wouldn’t notice a change of OS.

“If they see any benefit” is the key point here. If you know they could enjoy potential benefits but only talk about it, in my experience it has 0 effect. If you show Linux and they witness an advantage, in my example it is Linux being faster on Windows 10 on a HDD, then it does have an effect.
If they see Linux themselves and then ask “okay, but why?” then they won’t consider switching.
And no, the “benefit” part can’t be philosophical, otherwise you wouldn’t have to spend much time for persuasion.

Hubby and me are both on Linux. In 2013 his lappy was shit on Windows so I told him to try Linux. He installed Ubuntu and was a happy man. I followed shortly after but on Mint and then, after 2 weeks directy to Manjaro. Since then Arch-y distros exclusively. Never looked back and developed a kinda love/hate relationship with Ubuntu based distros.

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Lennart Poettering is founder of systemd avahi and PulseAudio but he works for Microsoft.
Are you surprised? Doesn’t he like Linux/Open Source community?

For a very “informative and rewarding” discussion, see:

Will it get better than that? :wink: :upside_down_face:

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Most people I know think Apple is the best thing ever. FML.

Same here, but for phones not PCs.

This is for a status symbol/herd mentality.

This is the main point!
Other than that I believe anybody using Windoze definitely has a reason to “convert” or ditch it.

A little story I was part of like 20 years ago.
End of 2003 I had a 1999 desktop (400 Mhz), which at that time had Suse installed, KDE.

A friend visited me and saw me working on this machine, he said ‘Oh, your windows look a bit different!’
The naughty devil inside :imp: me replied:

  • Yes, my friend Mr. X got a beta release from Microsoft for testing, it is the next coming Windows due by end of 2004. He gave me a copy.
    He tried this new windows, I just showed him around a little, that they have a new Office called Open Office,… etc, installed, updated… and he worked like 15 minutes, playing music, videos… copying, pasting… etc.

He said “WOW, you got the latest processor 1 GHz… it is so fast!” (it was a 400 MHz processor from 1999).

I told him, no, this is an old PC, 1999, 400 MHz… etc.

He asked for a copy of CD to install on his PC, I told him no, I have to ask permission of Mr. X to give you a copy, but anyway, backup your data till I come to you to install this new Windows.

He spent another hour playing with it, installing, trying this and that…

On his way out, he confirmed he adores this new windows, it is wonderful… it is fast… it is responsive… it is stable… (didn’t crash for over 2 hours)… and almost begged me not to put him down.

To be honest… I told him… ok… I will come and let “you” install it while I’m with you, just in case. But to be honest this is not Windows, This is Linux!

He said, oh no, thanks… I would not install it… no way!
Asked him why?
His reply was absolutely the opposite of what he said before, it is not easy to use, it is not easy to install software, it is difficult… it is complicated!

I believe this is a problem of “human nature” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: