Are there Linux users around you?

  • No
  • Yes, I converted all of them
  • Yes, at least 1 person switched independently
  • Yes, I have never converted someone to Linux
  • WUT? Linux is the norm here!

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I wonder if there are Linuxers around you (around refers to physical environment) and how your conversion attempts have been. I am an example of failure in this case and would like a few tips on how to overcome prejudice of me and others :grin:

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For me, one important thing to realize was that converting isn’t the right choice for everyone.

The trick is identifying people who have a few key attributes:

  • An openness to trying new things
  • A desire/reason to move to Linux in the first place
  • A willingness to work through issues that may arise

I tried on 2 people:
One of them loved Linux (Manjaro in this case, I know, bad choice) because Linux was faster than Windows but I couldn’t get their killer app run fully functionally in Wine. I was close but I was constantly requesting to test the app to see if there is something wrong and eventually we got tired and back to Windows.
The other one manages to break Linux every time they use my PC or ask me to do something, leaving a rightful bad impression. Like seriously, I used LibreOffice for a year, then it suddenly asks for root password exactly when I am showcasing Linux? My microSD which has been working suddenly decides not to boot? Rebooting hangs when they click on “reboot” instead of me?

That is rare to find.

Well I know many people but have only converted 2. Now that I think about it, I also know quite a few Linux users that elected Linux before I met them.

May i add:

  • SICK of Windoze



That is part of:

A desire/reason to move to Linux in the first place

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This, but you’re ignoring the most important reason to convert:

  • Dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs.

Most people switch to Linux not because they think Linux is great, but because they hate what they have now. Very few people have the desire to use Linux because of Linux. I’m certainly not one of them, I think Linux (the kernel) sucks :rofl:

Unfortunately, there is no viable alternative. Maybe FreeBSD. Can’t wait until the Hurd is completed…

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I have trouble getting people to use uBlock Origin, gave up on converting these fools to Linux.


Also part of “A desire/reason to move to Linux in the first place”


I actually know quite a lot of people like this.

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Let me see… Linus Torvalds… That’s about it. :rofl:

Unfortunately, I have never met Linus.

Me neither, but I think it is a safe assumption to make that he likes Linux because of Linux.

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Around me, there are many students who are using either Ubuntu or Kali Linux for their coursework.

My friend who was with me in my course, converted to Linux after our discussions. This was the same time when I decided to come here.
He is using MX Linux.

I’ve ported only 2 users from Windows to Linux, both were easy tasks, because of old hardware.

The first one, have an old 32bit laptop that was impossible to keep working on Windows 7, so I’ve installed Debian 32bit XFCE and it works, not good, just it works.

The second one was from a customer that only wants to do some streaming using a browser on their old dual core laptop. Windows update sometimes make the computer unusable. I’ve installed Linux Mint and it works pretty good.

I know that if those laptops were working “fine” with Windows I couldn’t even suggest migration to another OS. :grimacing:

Also I’ve been talking about Linux with a student I’ve met on a tech event and I feel he will try to test any distro soon, at least on VM.

There are very few people that are tech literate around me let alone many linux users. I can count on 1 hand the number of people i know somewhat tech literate and even fewer of those people would even be willing to use Linux (only 1). The only other “linux user” and thats stretching the term is my grandfather who only does web browsing so his needs are minimal and isnt exactly a “linux user” as much as a web browser user who happens to have linux as his laptops OS so i dont have to worry about cold callers scamming him on “your windows is virus infected”.

I dont feel like active attempts to convert people to Linux or anything besides MacOS or Windows is really worth the effort. Most people dont care, sure Im still vocal about privacy concerns among other issues but even just normal issues like that have people looking at me like a tinfoil hat wearing basement dweller with a neck beard. If someones interested and they just casually know you use it, theyll ask.

The company I work for uses Raspberry Pi’s to do diagnostic work and networking/monitoring on ovens. So for me it is pretty is to convince people at work as they see it operating day in day out. Outside of work, I take my RPI400 over to their house and they are amazed that such a small cheap keyboard can run games and do actual work. So, seeing it in action and that is not just a “Nerd/Geek” culture and out of their grasp is a great way to convert them.

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Thing is, its not even that most people think its out of their grasp in my experience. They literally just dont care. They use w.e comes on their tablet, laptop, desktop, phone,etc. and thats good enough, why would they change it?

Hell,poeple dont even understand why using a laptop on a bed is a bad idea. They actually dont understand how that causes overheating and the computer to shut off they just think its broken and get a new one (this is something i recently encountered)

Apathy towards technology is ridiculously high, its insane at this point.

Though, I use my PC, and dad’s laptop on computer table when needed. This is the new thing which I learned. I didn’t knew this.

They won’t care if you just talk / rant. They do care if you actually show it and they witness the benefits themselves. If they see any benefit​:grin: HDD users who suffer from Win10 would actually be interested in switching, I know this from experience.