Are there Linux users around you?

Lol, old people who know little about computers are also a good target, install Linux Mint or any reasonably stable Linux distro on their computer, and bobs your uncle another Linux chad is born, chances are they’d not even notice a difference, as long as google works


I don’t really know many people in that group interestingly. People whose use of technology is so light that they wouldn’t notice a change of OS.

“If they see any benefit” is the key point here. If you know they could enjoy potential benefits but only talk about it, in my experience it has 0 effect. If you show Linux and they witness an advantage, in my example it is Linux being faster on Windows 10 on a HDD, then it does have an effect.
If they see Linux themselves and then ask “okay, but why?” then they won’t consider switching.
And no, the “benefit” part can’t be philosophical, otherwise you wouldn’t have to spend much time for persuasion.

Hubby and me are both on Linux. In 2013 his lappy was shit on Windows so I told him to try Linux. He installed Ubuntu and was a happy man. I followed shortly after but on Mint and then, after 2 weeks directy to Manjaro. Since then Arch-y distros exclusively. Never looked back and developed a kinda love/hate relationship with Ubuntu based distros.

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Lennart Poettering is founder of systemd avahi and PulseAudio but he works for Microsoft.
Are you surprised? Doesn’t he like Linux/Open Source community?

For a very “informative and rewarding” discussion, see:

Will it get better than that? :wink: :upside_down_face:

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Most people I know think Apple is the best thing ever. FML.

Same here, but for phones not PCs.

This is for a status symbol/herd mentality.

This is the main point!
Other than that I believe anybody using Windoze definitely has a reason to “convert” or ditch it.

A little story I was part of like 20 years ago.
End of 2003 I had a 1999 desktop (400 Mhz), which at that time had Suse installed, KDE.

A friend visited me and saw me working on this machine, he said ‘Oh, your windows look a bit different!’
The naughty devil inside :imp: me replied:

  • Yes, my friend Mr. X got a beta release from Microsoft for testing, it is the next coming Windows due by end of 2004. He gave me a copy.
    He tried this new windows, I just showed him around a little, that they have a new Office called Open Office,… etc, installed, updated… and he worked like 15 minutes, playing music, videos… copying, pasting… etc.

He said “WOW, you got the latest processor 1 GHz… it is so fast!” (it was a 400 MHz processor from 1999).

I told him, no, this is an old PC, 1999, 400 MHz… etc.

He asked for a copy of CD to install on his PC, I told him no, I have to ask permission of Mr. X to give you a copy, but anyway, backup your data till I come to you to install this new Windows.

He spent another hour playing with it, installing, trying this and that…

On his way out, he confirmed he adores this new windows, it is wonderful… it is fast… it is responsive… it is stable… (didn’t crash for over 2 hours)… and almost begged me not to put him down.

To be honest… I told him… ok… I will come and let “you” install it while I’m with you, just in case. But to be honest this is not Windows, This is Linux!

He said, oh no, thanks… I would not install it… no way!
Asked him why?
His reply was absolutely the opposite of what he said before, it is not easy to use, it is not easy to install software, it is difficult… it is complicated!

I believe this is a problem of “human nature” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have confused eyes looking at me if people see a non Google Chrome or Safari browser or a non Google search engine. I once had this conversation:

Someone: What browser is this?
Me: Firefox
Someone: Wait, isn’t Firefox dead?
Me: What are you talking about?

I know that Firefox had near %50 market share before Chrome took it all but dead?
I also had a recommendation of not using “obscure” search engines like DDG or Ecosia.

I believe all this is because Windows, Google Chrome, … etc. are “bundled” with every machine on the market.

Product Bundling as per Wikipedia " It is a common feature in many imperfectly competitive product and service markets"

So, by definition Windows is not competitive!

When you travel, reach a hotel at night, you find them welcoming you with a lousy pizza in your room.

Most people will just eat it and fine with them as compared to just going down then across the street to the best restaurant in the city.

I remember, here, a few years back, I found computer shops selling brand you laptops with Suse preinstalled.

It was selling OK as the operating system is “German Windows” which is better and more stable.

If computers were sold bare bone, users might then search, research and decide!

It sometimes feels weird to be a Linux user for only 1 year and missing out all the history.
If you are saying SUSE I guess this was 2000s.

This answer requires some explanation. While there are users of Linux around me, they’re all fellow sysadmins, and old school Linux heads, with distain for any sort of GUI, even an nCurses one. They still write SysV style init scrips, I have no idea what they’re going to do when that gets fully deprecated in RHEL. :slight_smile:

No one around me uses Linux as a desktop, they just can’t handle the concept that it’s “not Windows.” Though a few used ChromeOS for a while.

That explains everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are Gentoo users for 20 years, give or take.

Oh they’re vehemently anti-Linux-desktop actually. Linux is for servers and Windows is for desktops and that’s the way it is (we’ll see how they feel when they see all the telemetry in Windows 11).

Yes! This was my first Linux experience and I’m on Linux (at home) since then. (excluding a couple of years I was stuck at work)…
I saw those laptops selling around 2004 or 2005.

Don’t worry. The most important thing is that you already did it!
And “ONE YEAR” means you already freed yourself from M$


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Again, “human nature”, I am sure many use iPhone, iPad, MacBook… They know it is the operating system of Apple, but they don’t know or ignore that Apple OSes are based on BSD which is sort of UNIX as Linux (a cousin may I call BSD?), and it is not Windows and not Apple specific OS.

Honestly when I had (before retirement) a lot of work, time sensitive I used to take my Linux laptop to office and get the job done rather than keeping fixing/restarting Windoze!

I wonder why is he worried about Linux users being with him in the room!
It is not Linux users who… aaaah… he is worried of catching a virus! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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