Arch repo migration

There are some upcoming changes to the Arch repos that everyone should be aware of.

What is happening

Full details are in the link below but the most important note to be aware of is:

The [testing] repository will be split into [core-testing] and [extra-testing], the [staging] repository will be split into [core-staging] and [extra-staging]. The [community] repository will be merged into [extra] and will therefore be empty after the migration.

Expected impact

Since the community repo is being maintained for a period of time, this shouldn’t have an immediate impact for most people.

However, if you are using the testing or staging repo you will need to update your repos in pacman.conf to match the new repo names.

Presumably, a future pacman release will come with a new pacman.conf which can be merged into your existing file to get the new repo configs.


For those people that aren’t signed up to the ‘arch-dev-public’ mailing list, will we get another notification on when we can do the conf changes? Naturally, should some people wish to do this.

Or will EnOS provide some sort of update, to help the transition? A script in the welcome application or the like?

Unless you are actively using testing or staging, I would wait for an updated pacman.conf and then merge the .pacnew file.


that could be misunderstood. The community repo will be empty after the migration, therefore no error message will be written. But it won’t be maintained as it is empty - it will only exist unmaintained until the dev’s decide to delete it.

Right. My point was that since it isn’t being immediately removed, people won’t start getting update errors right away. Additionally, since everyone should already have the extra repo, there should be no short-term impact.

As seen on Saturday and Sunday’s entries on

There is a plan to release a new “pacman package pacman.conf configs for our new repo layout”. Translate that as you wish. :slight_smile:

i just leave this here


wrong topic

is there a way to see the pacnew file again? pacdiff and meld tool removed it… I had some errors from line I shouldn’t have added… commented them out and its working okay but I would like to take a look again.

this is my current conf -

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thank you and

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist

this is the only endeavouros addition right?

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Yes, that’s the only one.

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