Anyone feeling down because of lockdown?

It’s driving me mad. I agree with the measures, but there is the human factor to consider. I can’t go anywhere and I’m feeling down each day more and more. I have advanced my Linux skills, but now I don’t feel like doing that either…


The “brilliant” people in charge admitted that if they would of required mask from the get go the lock down would of never have had to happen. They learned this from the protest here in the sates where people have been wearing their mask, being less than a foot apart and less than .01% had or got Covid.


This year has just been just abysmal. I’m bored in my free time, which doesn’t help me unwind from a tremendous amount of work I have. I can’t go visit family back home in any reasonable fashion because I can’t fly safely without quarantine.

I’m really starting to feel it myself.


I’m feeling pretty bad about this too…
I would like to recommend Call Of Duty Cold War to help… It’s a nice game and it’s helping me…
And caution to don’t start with addictions like alcohol…

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Nah, I am a miserable old git, that prefers his own company :rofl:

Miss going out for a meal.


Dear Alexander,

Neither my wife nor I can say the same thing. We both have multiple hobbies (sometimes they overlap but mostly they don’t) and though, as with everyone else, we are housebound, we never lack for interesting things to occupy our time.

As a matter of fact, in both of our opinions, there are not enough hours in a day to let us do everything we want to do.

Of course we’re both retired and I’m sure that that makes a difference from those younger people who still work but even with them, if they were to take up an interesting hobby (or two) they might find that they are not as bored as they are without hobbies.

Of course we also miss having friends over (as well as visiting friends) and going out to restaurants, etc., but, with the interests we have, we are able to keep ourselves fully occupied.

Personally I can’t wait until this pandemic is just a bad memory. That time cannot come too soon.

I hope that you are able to find ways to keep yourself occupied and happy (and certainly not down or depressed) until either a vaccine or a treatment (preferably both) becomes available. I’m fairly certain that this will happen quite soon.

I wish you all the best.



I just took my time servicing my wife’s bike. Fixed all malfunctions detected during the season.
I serviced, set up and sold my bike.
With difficulty, but still bought a new, carbon bike. And now I’m putting it together, setting it up, and preparing it for the next season :slight_smile: :bike:


It’s challenging. During the first lockdown at the beginning of the year I finally got into the Raspi universe. Which was fun and advanced my Linux skills too.

For the second lockdown I made plans. Firstly: build my (first) own PC. Nothing fancy, just a scrap yard build. Learn about current PC tech and hunt down parts online. Acquire one additional part per week. It also allows me to play all the games I bought on steam sales over the last decade plus.

Secondly I bought a (new) music instrument. The brain is stimulated and it acquires a skill I’m going to enjoy after this period.

Even if you can’t go to a particular place, go for a walk. Grab the phone, zoom, whatever. Reach out to people.

Don’t feel boxed in, take it as a once in a lifetime opportunity and excuse for radical, anti-social behavior. That’s a rare chance. “Fuck that Christmas party” is a valid excuse this year. You’re living actual history.

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When it comes to my free time, I was already living in lockdown pretty much my whole life – I genuinely don’t know what’s there to do outside of home. It’s nice to skip gym guilt free when it’s closed, shops and streets are less crowded, a lot of public services started operating online.

The only bad thing to happen to me is that I was laid off my job a few months ago and given that it happened not only to me, it’s been a struggle to find anything new. Though I’m financially stable enough to not stress about it much, so all is well.

I think I’ve overdosed on Youtube. I never thought I’d be watching cats and dogs YT videos.

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I’m just glad that I lived in a ‘lockdown similar’ situation before… I used to drive long-haul with my own semi. Of course I SAW more people, but it was pretty superficial. Just don’t think about it, I guess! I must admit the winter starts looking kinda long (given that summer never really happened) - but spring will come :grin:


If I am being honest, I am quite enjoying hermit life.

Of course, I live in a spacious home with my family. I might feel differently if I was confined to a small space by myself.


Honestly it fits my overlall mood perfectly. Been depressed and at home for two years now, so not much has changed for me except not being able to go anywhere… Which I am fine with. Don’t want to go anywhere anyway.

I feel sorry for others though.

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The time at home brought us even closer together as a family.

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This is what happens here, most people, 90% of the population are poor…
Lockdown is insanity.

The father goes to work, and then he comes back to that little cubicle, where 6 or more are stacked…

Have you heard about any place that the lockdown worked? All countries that went this way, have more deaths per million than the others…

They chose the lock-down over a mask mandate to force the economy to slow or it was going to go off a cliff that would of made 2007 / 2008 look like the best of financial times. They’d rather have the deaths than the financial meltdown.

Actually THEY are pretty fine with both, as long as it makes THEM rich (always) :laughing:
People gotta learn that by now.

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People are dying… these leaders, shame on then to say at least…
Now we have psychiatric illnesses, little companies being destroyed, no more jobs…

The 1st thing that was killed in this pandemic was the free speech.
The 2nd thing that was killed in this pandemic was the common sense.
The 3rd thing that is still being shot at in this pandemic is the freedom.


Well in Greece, the first lockdown had amazing results, now we are in the middle of the 2nd one and it doesn’t seem to be going as well.
I keep getting hungry for junk food (which I usually don’t eat) probably because I know I can’t have it. Where is Burger King and McDonald’s when you need them.

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Quarantine is for the infected, not for the health people.

Quarantine for everyone is not quarantine, is dictatorship.