Anyone else uses LTS kernel instead?

Hmm, you have to have the Welcome package installed.
Doesn’t work without it.

I keep one LTS as backup and on my laptop that is often the one in use due to a bit flaky hardware support.

I have LTS and latest as backup and run the zen currently, but I sometimes have issues with latest (5.7 did not work for instance).

Same here, I have the LTS kernel only as backup if the ZEN kernel should fail for some reason.

I can’t see that akm has welcome as dependency.

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Same here, I use Zen and have LTS and mainline as backup.

Had a bit of an issue with the Zen 5.7.11 kernel, so actually rolled back to 5.7.10 and froze updates to it for a bit until .12 came out. Was so easy I didn’t even need to rely on the other two kernels as backup :joy:

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Haven’t you tried linux-zen 5.8.1? It works fine here.

Intel Core i5-8250U
Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver: i915
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Yeah I’ve since long-updated to 5.7.12 then 5.8.1 for both Zen and Mainline. It was just a wee problem at the time a few weeks back, but other than that I’ve had zero issues in Endeavour :smiley:

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I run the LTS normally and I always have something on back. Linux on one computer and Zen on the other. Both as backups until I fix my swap file to work on the newer kernels.

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Linux-zen, linux, and linux-lts at all times.


Yes, look.

$ akm
Sorry, package 'welcome' is not installed.

I have three kernels, linux, linus-zen, linux-lts. It’s a thinkpad with i5-8250U and the best experience is with linux-zen, but with different (older) hardware the lts might be as good.
Try and error, that’s how I conquer the linux world.


@manuel This might be a missing depends for akm?


Well, I’ll be damned!
I removed welcome and eos-update-notifier along with it and I get the same message as you running akm from the terminal.

But I don’t get the following then:

welcome is not listed among akm’s dependencies!


I use it as a backup. So I have two kernels installed: the Zen kernel as my default option and LTS as my backup. since 2019 I have not had to use it.


Let me see…

OK, it shares part of the implementation. I’d need to reorganize the code to make it work without welcome.


akm doesn’t run without the file /usr/share/endeavouros/scripts/eos-script-lib-yad being present:

and that file is in the welcome package:

$ pacman -F eos-script-lib-yad
endeavouros/welcome 3.4.4-1

so it looks like a missing dep, or it could be split to a separate “libs” package?


I’ve been thinking about doing that, but so far other stuff has become before that.
If that is important to you, I could start reorganizing the common code a bit.


Not to me, not at all. :wink:

Just looking for possible solutions.

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Welcome’s code actually is quite small, so no urgent reason for the work I think. And welcome can be disabled if someone doesn’t want to use it.

But a reasonable idea anyway to split the code at some point, makes it more modular.