Any foolproof app to block domains such as youtube?

Hello, I wanted to know if there is any foolproof app to block websites and domains such as youtube, etc. Im currently using endeavouros. I googled a bit and found a app that does the exact things i wanted it to do but its only for mac. The name of the app is Self control. I wonder if there is any app similar to self control for arch.

I just use the ublock origin extension on Firefox.

Just look up how to edit your /etc/hosts file.


@cozzay I guess asking the same question in the Arch forums didn’t go that well. As suggested there and here is that you need to edit your /etc/hosts file.

application needed



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yes it went terrible and for some reason i decided to edit out the part where i said i was using endeavouros. I didn’t read the rules properly, my bad.

I tried it but the thing is we can remove the extension whenever we want.

Not sure what you mean. I just use it because if i want to watch a video i don’t want ads.

Edit: If you are wanting to totally block youtube okay.

we can edit it again to unvlock it anytime right?

um i wasnt referring to ad blocking. i was referring to blocking the yt website because i procastinate a lot by watching yt videos

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You need root privileges to edit /etc/hosts. Look up how to remove root privileges from a certain user.

And yes, it is fully reversible.

However, it is still possible to circumwent it using some proxy server or via Tor, so you have to add those also to the blocked URLs. It may turn out to be quite a long list.

i have only one user and can we remove root privileges from that only user?

Yeah, you can remove that user from the sudoers list. Just don’t forget your root password, as that will be the only way to access root (when updating, for example).

can’t we just use that password to edit the file again?

Don’t want to be rude or anything like that, but how about some real life self control? :laughing:

If you’re in a mindset of using some program to limit yourself and refer to yourself as we - that’s a sign of much bigger problems than blocking domains…Try to solve root of the problem, practice discipline, create task list with priorities of things you need to do, track it’s progress etc.

Sure, but anyone with root privileges can edit the file. If you wany to block someone from accessing some website, you can’t have them be able to turn off the block, right?

I try to use self control every single day. The problem is my other me takes over. :rofl:

the thing is ive tried it a lot of times and it just doesn’t seem to work for me. Im diagnosed with ADHD, so i get distracted a lot. And i use my laptop for my studies and everytime i open my laptop to do smth productive, i find myself watching pointless yt videos.

I agree that a lot of time gets wasted on useless stuff if you let it!