Another YouTube Crackdown - Are Apps Like FreeTube Doomed?

all these front ends reveal your IP. Probably your searches. Why do you think you see the same things offered to you in YT as FT? dont’ you think that’s spooky?

uuuhhhh freetube makes it pretty clear(imo) it connects to invidious or a local API which directly connects to youtube. using a VPN is pretty standard advice if you’re that paranoid about your IP being exposed. and like others have mentioned i don’t see the same videos being recommended even though i do use youtube in the browser occasionally.


I just update it manually. It’s not a big deal. When it stops working I just go to its directory and git pull.

You may be complaining about Widevine in particular.

An easy way to circumvent this, could be to check the ‘disable DRM content’ checkbox in your browser preferences.

(Forgive me forum organizers, in no way affiliated and all that) Brave browser, I’ve heard and am now testing, is doing quite a good job of staying the hell out of the way of these corporate things.

Edit: spelling and adding ‘they block ads good.’

Please realize:

  1. ABC stock is free for trade on American markets and has boomed together with other cybercompanies of that may adopt questionable ethics when enough stock is in certain hands.
  2. This is a forum for people that like open-source and stuff, often trying to protect you from ‘the man’. And these work by donations (read: they are constantly underfunded to the point of giving up) so (also, not affiliated).

Edit 4000: I use minitube app. It’s yoghurt(yay)able.

GOOGLE makes me MAD with they superior smirk


It’s worth noting that you can configure your invidious instance through FreeTube’s settings page. If you’re that worried about your IP being visible, though, use a VPN with it.

(There’s also a Tor/Proxy config option)

For mobile devices I just run on my browser :woman_shrugging: I don’t need an app for everything


It feels that in :clown_face: :earth_africa: we’re in, soon people will be prosecuted and hunted down for suggesting that… :rofl:

USE APPS!!!11111111



pls use my app bro it’s a shopping catalogue but it tries to track your online activity and heartrate bro we need this for the best shopping experience for you please bro just download it so I can know your details bro please


It’s very secure and private bro, trust me bro, it’s closed source and uses phone number verification bro!
No cap 4real, just enter your credit card number and you’re good2go bro!



In my country, when you call your cell provider’s customer service, they make the automated system so annoying that it would be faster to use their app or WhatsApp instead. Their app that collects all the information in the world about you, or WhatsApp that shows everyone who you are friends with and sends the information to FB.

This is why I don’t buy any phones locally. I buy a flashed phone online and ship it here. Any phone bought locally comes with the app pre-installed and unremovable, like it’s essential to Android.

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man i used the same one…i need another one that’s works at school

Yer it’s the same here if you want customer service, same for government services (trying to call them is next to impossible I spent 5 days about a month and a half ago and in the end I was forced to contact them online and request a callback, I get that call tomorrow)

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Meaning they still haven’t called you yet?

  1. Why one Earth would you want to contact them yourself, what are you some kind of masochist? :clown_face:
  2. If you still need it - just skip tax payment, they’ll come in a second without apps :rofl:

Yup, about 1pm today is when they are supposed to.

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Unfortunately in this case I need to, if I had a choice I would just ignore them but this is to keep my housing and payment

So these big companies and governments are trying to just push you to use their apps so that everything can be connected and easier for them to control not just the content, but the people.

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There’s always a choice…but i won’t give any advices that would breach forum rules or something…



Yer I’ve made the bad choices with this department before and it was much easier to just deal with them.

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Of course, as it always happens dealing with hardcore criminals…

It would be a shame if such a beautiful house would be destroyed or left without it’s owner…


what if it’s somethign u like?