Another YouTube Crackdown - Are Apps Like FreeTube Doomed?

This seems to be more targeted at Android/IOS apps. But I can’t imagine that YouTube will stop there. I wonder how soon it will be before apps like FreeTube are rendered useless?


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what else?

They love this crap.


Ahhhhh. I see. Yeah, I get that. Google throws down the axe a lot. I guess yet another really shouldn’t be a surprise.

EDIT: Apologies if my post was just another in a long line; “beating a dead horse”, and all.

I can understand that Google wants to monetize YouTube-Services, but does it
in a way that disturbs the viewing and enjoyment of content, speaking of ads
begin in the middle of the video and often they are all to long.
The viewer is then pissed off and installs an ad blocker and a vicious circle

Google could prevent this if the viewing of ads is under the control of the
viewer and happens under circumstances where the viewing is not disturbed
and interrupted, for example at the beginning, and preferable also with choices
of ad content.

That all would be very doable but Google has no creativity to manage this task,
it is a shame!

picture me (not) surprised: I discovered that Youtube had ads some ten years after I’d been using it everyday (no, I am not kidding). To me anti-scripts and other fancy protections are the basic, and remember the genuine surprise when I visited a family member and saw ads on it for the first time, and said something like “wooow, is this new?” “what are you tallking about, it’s just an ad”, “wait, Youtube has ads?” crickets + disbelief stare
Anyway no, I don’t want anything other than the specific content I am interested in, anything else injected into it shall, and will, be forcefully removed.


Same. Right now, my Freetube doesn’t even show the “trending” button because I removed it. I don’t care what’s trending.

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Google’s great at inadvertently innovating in the adblocker + proxy space (and in educating the public about them) :smiley: when there’s a will there’s a way.


you gotta remember crap like Freetube and vidious and smtube are all frauds. I did the digging for the deep text one time for these kind of apps…

they are all 2 degrees of separation…the googs might not know your browser…and you might not get commercials…
…but all these front ends reveal your IP. Probably your searches. Why do you think you see the same things offered to you in YT as FT? dont’ you think that’s spooky? (that’s when I did my digging).

they lose the commericial revenue when you use the FT…but somehow I don’t think they think its a threat to them. just a hunch.

that Verge article is kinda clickbait:
one one hand googs says:
“But now, YouTube says its policies don’t allow “third-party apps to turn off ads because that prevents the creator from being rewarded for viewership.” The block targets third-party apps that use YouTube’s API to get videos interruption-free.”

and then the googs mentions the workaround:
" AdGuard says it’s not affected by the change since its app doesn’t use YouTube’s API.

“We only allow third-party apps to use our API when they follow our API Services Terms of Service,” YouTube says. “When we find an app that violates these terms, we will take appropriate action to protect our platform, creators, and viewers.”"

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I don’t see that at all. Freetube recs don’t even seem to understand my viewing history. But I use freetube to connect to an invidious instance.

not every time but enough for me to notice.

I also don’t recognise such things because:

  • I rarely watch a YT video from my browser
  • I’m not logged in on my browser
  • I use Firefox containers
  • I have a VPN on my system
  • and a VPN in my browser.
  • Oh, and my browser deletes all cookies for most sites (including ALL g00lag-related ones) when I close it.

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there’s little separation so I don’t think it matters because, as you said:

I do as well. I tried that Arkenfox profile once but it was amateur hour to how I about:configured my FF. I, as well, don’t log into anything.

I have always wanted to sit down one day and learn containers. its gotta be easier than bspwm…
@UncleSpellbinder —sorry to deviate

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Very easy. Bspwm is also easy.

For containers, it’s just install the Official Mozilla add-on, open any site, click the add-on toolbar icon, and follow the very clear instructions.

The FB, work, banking, shopping, and personal containers are automatically added. I added the last three.

You can think of personal as your regular browsing container. Like when using a private search engine, forum website, etc.

So the learning curve for this is so simple that it should come default with the browser, but haters will say it’s bloat. :clown_face:


No worries. Not a true deviation, anyway. It’s all basically related.

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The point of annoying ads is to annoy you to buy YouTube Premium.

There is truth in this. Creators rewarded more if viewed by YouTube Premium users, and then those who watched the Ads/click the ads. It could be non-issue for bigger creator with donors (membership)/Patreon, but detrimental for smaller creator if they aspire to make it a career.

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So freetube would be affected, newpipe probably not.

I am surprised this has not happened sooner, but can they even do this? I don’t think invidious are doing anything that’s not legal.

yt-dlp still works, I don’t see how they could crack down on that one, unless the developers lose interest in maintaining it.

My philosophy on watching videos: in order to watch any video online, you have to download it anyway, so you may as well save it to a file before you watch it. yt-dlp works with hundreds of video hosting sites, it’s really amazing.

Just one thing to keep in mind: I cloned yt-dlp from its master branch, and I use git pull to update it. The version in the Arch repos is not bleeding edge enough, so when Goolag makes changes that break it, it can take days before it gets updated.


Oh…that sucks.

We need to hire that guy as yt-dlp aur maintainer:

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