AMD products in 2022

why oh why… :expressionless:


I don’t use any APPLE product and probably never will. Currently Intel and or AMD is my only option. I use both. AMD is my main use now. The choice is yours…this or that!

It’s not much of a choice, but yeah, given what’s on the table, AMD sucks the least. But the margin is decreasing rapidly.

Hoard current generation hardware :male_detective:

The only game I have been playing is ONI, Oxygen not Included…
I guess it runs in Linux…

Edit: Sometimes I play rainbow six siege… but rarely…

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Jesus man, you can play that on Linux i’m sure.


Yes, you certainly can.
Just read my guide, make sure they work properly for you on Linux (if anything goes wrong - don’t hesitate to ask for help), and please delete that M$ garbage forever.


Trust the forum’s sommelier! :wine_glass:



What a discussion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeah, for sure, Microsoft is for us freaks, a bad thing. For Security for the normal user? Dont know. Im not that big expert in this field of security. For a User with a Brain and good Networkinfrastructure (firewall & co), a System from 1999 would be more as safe enough…

Why? Intel have his “own kind of Pluton” already since years in there CPUS. Intel ME & co.

For me, only one REAL Solution exists: Donate so much money how somebody could to Open Source. Mainly to the Kernel, Mesa, and Driver devs.

Why? Because i want to use RISC or ARM so soon as possible. But until today, no really useable Hardware exist, and that, what exist, is so poor/bad supported (like the Rpi4).

Oh wow. What nostalgia. that was so great game.


Just as AMD, but you can defuse it (admittedly you need some :8ball::8ball: balls for it, but it’s not impossible) unlike Pluton which is inside CPU which no amount of balls could defuse.

Indeed :sunglasses:

:slight_smile: nice, I’ll try it, thanks
The only problem is my work, I need to RDP to machines from VPN use forticlient (fortigate vpn client), I have a ASDM installed (to manage Cisco), I have Checkpoint apps… lots of stuff from work…
I could try to configure those in Linux, but I wouldn’t have any kind of support from helpdesk and things like that when needed…

If you need windoze for work, have your employer get you a laptop with windoze. Do not use that laptop for anything except work.


A new DLC has been launched recently… I can’t stop playing it :slight_smile:
Now it’s easier to move between asteroids…

Or use VM with that M$ garbage for work…

Support? You running Arch btw, what kind of support can you possibly need?! :rofl:

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A DLC? For a PS2 game? what? :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps - this youtuber is anyway. He goes on about the dangers of opening the hood on an ICE car as justifying his stance on electric cars - but the cases are far different. For one thing, if you don’t know what you’re doing under the hood of any motor vehicle, you can get hurt… with the electric vehicle you can get killed!

That said - there should only be a warning that says so, not a prohibition. Not that it can’t be gotten around, of course - but in case of insurance claims - the ‘not permitted’ I suppose protects the manufacturer a bit more!

Beyond his poor choice of comparables, he does have a point or 2!

Unfortunately they don’t provide me anything, not even a pencil heheheh

But I won’t complain, you see, I have to drive 70km to go to work… And sometimes I need to do it, when my Internet is down or having power outages…
So, if I can do it from home, I’ll do it…

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That is true… But RDP from Linux to a Windows PC, use forticlient, use apps from other vendors, update clients firewalls, if something goes wrong and the client faces downtime, it’s on me…
So, I just use Windows for that…


Ok, that isnt that Oni what i know :smiley:

I know this:



It’s also PC btw, but surely no DLC :laughing:

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Im not happy about Pluton, but Ryzen 6000 Mobile CPUs look REALLY nice otherwise. the 12 CUs on the iGPU buts it at 768 shader cores along with DDR5 memory is around RX460 or higher levels of performance on an iGPU which is damn impressive.

Ill wait to see the pluton situation but this might finally be good enough for me to swap out my 10yr old Dell Precision.