After update system will not boot

Please start your own thread. :hugs:

Also see here:

Update: reinstalled EndeavourOS offline method, updated OS, boots as normal. (Except now my desktop is XFCE)

So, maybe a KDE Desktop issue?

p.s. I only saw “recovering journal”, not “needs journal recovery”

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You should continue your questions here.

Offline method is only capable of XFCE desktop option.

I did understand that the offline method would install XFCE.

As my issue returned with an online (KDE desktop) reinstall, I am guessing it may have something to do with KDE.

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Now you’ll never know what happened.


Spoiled all the fun :pensive:


was just going to try to get the systemlogs, then noticed your message that I would have wiped them with the reinstall. ooops

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could be hardware fail also… a cable not connected correctly or RAM not locked fully… or a real HD or RAM defective

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