After testing Thunderbird 115 beta, I need a new mail client, recommendations?

So, today, I gave the new thunderbird 115 beta a try and I have to admit, it’s even worse than I expected, there is no way this stupified gtk3 atrocity without menu bar will become my new default mail client.
Any recommendations for something with a sane ui to replace TB in the future?

Could you not, you know, just right click on the top bar and add the menu bar back? It’s an option.


What Canoe offered is probably the simplest solution. But if you’re looking for alternatives anyway:

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also kde pim including kmail korganizer kcontact,
I like it quite good


What Canoe already said but, I use Evolution on Gnome. I just put Thunderbird on as well and ran them both side by side and, according to btop, Evolution used much less memory. Thunderbird looks like a solid choice but, on Gnome, Evolution appears to be best overall.

I have been using Evolution on KDE Plasma since switching to Plasma after Gnome 4 came out.

Works good.


On Gnome I really like Geary

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Go into TB’s settings and on the General tab, uncheck Hide system window titlebar

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@Jeannie I do hope this is not going to be an endless rant to shoot down every single suggestion because we all have seen, lived, and worn the T-shirt.
The community is eager to help you, don’t abuse that kindness.


The last time I tried KMail some years , Akonadi was using up way too much ram and caused a high cpu usage. Has this been sorted out?
And is it finally possible to start it in the system tray?

Betterbird has no system tray support afaik (correct me if I am wrong).
Evolution is a gnome app with all the GTK3 bells and whistles that drove me to Plasma5 so it’s nothing I will use.

fair enough. btw this thread has a ton of suggestions:

Luckily I have no need for something with Microsoft exchange compatibility.

So far you’ve not responded favourably to anyone’s suggestions or recommendations, can you tell us what you actuallty want, other than a “sane UI” - for which a recommendation has actually been made to just re-enable the top menu on Thunderbird. Nothing else has actually been taken away.

Allright, here’s what I want: Horizontal menu bar, option to minimize to tray, no GTK3 CSD, no weird ressource hogging database running in the background. Basically everything that Thunderbird currently has.

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I’m not sure what the issue is with Thunderbird that you don’t like. I use it on Windows but I don’t think it is that version yet. Mainly using Gmail here in Kde Plasma.

Just haven’t gotten around to using Thunderbird although it is installed.

I just tried mailspring again after I had been disappointed a few years ago (they required a mailspring account to use the software). Now it works without a mailspring account so I’ve decided to ditch my old email client in foavor if this one. It’s fast and clean.

I’ve been using bluemail up til today, and it did its job, even if it’s a bit buggy sometimes. I guess any of these two will do the job.

Geary looks pretty good as a basic email client and I suspect it will grow over time. In my case, I have multiple email accounts including protonmail. I couldn’t get Geary to work with Protonmail and not sure if it can support the alias emails I use there either.

I was able to get it working with openbridge, but it’s not consistent. Protonmail works bestjust in a browser imo.

I will tell you what the “issue is / was” on this last update. Using a windoze machine my profile was wiped out. Logged in one day to TB wanting me to set up a new account. The old files were still there and conventional fixes, forum recommendations, etc did not work. Had I not had several profile backups I would have lost all stored email, addresses, and the like. Yeah, its free and all that so I cannot really complain, but users beware. I am looking at and testing other email clients and I too use Proton, mainly for decent encryption and offshore storage. In most cases it is secure but in the end it is what it is. That is my little reason why I am in the “do not like category” for now.