Email Client?

Good day!

I just got a new address email and unfortunately it’s using Microsoft 365 or what they called Mircosoft exchange account?

Anyway I was trying to set up everything in thunderbird and realize that you need to pay add on it doesn’t really work with exchange account (I got two Email account on the same domain)

Long story short I was wondering what email client you guys use other than Thunderbird?

Take care :slight_smile:

Not sure what the difficulty is - but I used to use Evolution (years ago) and it had no problem THEN with M$ stuff. Developed thru Novell originally, I think…

There are lots of others a DuckDuckGo away, but not sure how you would check for what you need…

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I’ll definitely look into Evolution!!!

I used to have an MS Exchange account as well and had no problems setting it up in the stock Thunderbird. The only difficult bit was getting the correct IMAP settings for the account. You should contact whoever provided you with the Exchange account (I assume it’s some kind of company email) and ask for the IMAP settings.

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I’m using BetterBird which is a fork of thunder bird.


I use my web browser.


I had a lot of problem with Thunderbird I will try to get the IMAP setting but I heard that without some pay extension it will not work because of some Microsoft weird EWS service… I look into Which allowed EWS service but I could not make this work!
On the other positive side Evolution is working perfectly with EWS!

I am also using Evolution, and my university mail uses EWS. It only works partly on the university’s Wi-Fi but nowhere else. And when it works, it is constantly refreshing the inbox, even if I choose different time. So I ended up going for using the Outlook in web-browser.
Feels like MS is really trying to make things difficult for other mail clients than Outlook (in my opinion).

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I’m very impressed with Evolution works without drama on my end pretty clean too! I think I’m going to fully switch to it! Yep I’m the same boat I think MS is making it a bit too hard…

@fbodymechanic How do you like it?

Thanks for sharing!

It’s ok. I’ve never really used one until recently. I always just used a web browser. but it’s a nice change. It’s basic and I am liking it.

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You can use Gnome Web and install you Email site as a Web App. If you let the Web App run in the background you get notifications. I use to use a client but prefer to have access to some of the features my email providers only have on their site.

This what I use as well but with Chromium.
I have just that one profile for a Gmail account.

I use Thunderbird and have no issues. I’m not sure what what the problem is with Microsoft 365 or exchange? Normally when you enter the info in Thunderbird it automatically adds the account info and servers. I’ve been using it for years.

Does anyone use Evolution? :thinking:

I’m atm it’s working like a charm with EWS so easy I wish thunderbirld would do that

I used thunderbird too but with EWS service it does not accept microsoft exchange service… unfortunately

I use Evolution with a bunch of mail hosts, but not outlook/exchange

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I’ve been using Evolution for a bit over a year now for O365 exchange accounts. So far I’ve only had a few minor problems with it, mainly at times it seems to forget authentication and I need to relogin in oAuth.

I have to manage 3 different exchange accounts regularly which ruled out thunderbird and web apps.

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I really enjoy evolution works very well with exchange… I spend half my day replying to email I feel like the interface is simple and fast! Really enjoying it… I wish Thunderbird would accept exchange I was not able to make it work at all even with the pay add on!