After 8 Years, A New Rig Build - AM4/5 Ryzen?

I built my current rig in 2015, an Intel i6700k 4Ghz cpu running off a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3, with 32GB of DDR4 Corsair memory and a Corsair HX650 PSU. It still eats everything I throw at it. It’s had a variety of GPUs, currently sitting on an Asus RTX3070 8GB. I could probably hit ten years, it’s been an amazing build.

But I’d like to put together one last rig that should hopefully last me for as long as I need, more so that I’m slowly losing the use of my hands. Is it worth going for the newer AM5 chipset on a Linux-only build? I wanted to go full AMD given their drivers are more open (relatively) for Wayland development. AM4’s been around for a while, interested to hear if anyone’s recently built a new system on the Ryzen/AM5 chipset and whether there’s anything stability or kernel-wise to take into account.


I say - choose whatever CPU that doesn’t have Micro$oft Pluton yet, even if it’s a bit older than flaming latest Ryzen.

If Pluton is anything like existing TPM chipsets, I’d expect to be able to disable it via UEFI. If it’s about DRM, well, we’re already second-class citizens when it comes to streaming digital media, thankfully that’s not a huge concern for me as I buy physical and rip as needed.

Pluton is M$ hardware backdoor inside CPU, you can’t possibly disable it.

It’s the most dangerous spyware development in history of hardware ever, for any systems, just read more about it, it’s super dangerous black-box that you can not do anything about, it’s not controlled by BIOS or OS in any shape or form.

And it’s already in latest AMD CPUs, so please look into it if you care about your freedom, with potential motherboard based backdoors like Intel ME or AMD PSP at least you can flash them with garbage data or destroy chips on some models (although it’s admittedly hard for average user), with M$ Pluton even that is impossible because it’s part of CPU that is controlled by proprietary black-box by M$.

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Without de-railing this thread, as I understand it, for non-Windows systems, I’m not sure this is a huge issue, it should just default to a generic TPM 2.0 component, which we already have in most modern builds. Either way, I’m not going to stress over this too much but appreciate the recommendations. :slightly_smiling_face:

What games have you been playing, resolution and refresh rate of your monitor?
3070 is a very good GPU… I wouldn’t replace it, but if you really want AMD GPU, go for it…

I would go with AM5, because you will be able to upgrade the CPU for the following years, AM4 unfortunately is a dead socket right now…

Regarding the RAM, 6700K uses DDR4 2400? So, even if you get AM4 you would need to buy new RAM…
That being said, I would go directly to DDR5, thus AM5…

But one very important note here, you will need a very good cooler…

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I’m happy with the 1920x1080 @ 1080p 144Hz on an ASUS VS248 Displayport. The RTX3070 has been near perfect for AAA’s like Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3 etc. I’ve always used Noctua coolers for my builds, so I think I’ll continue with them.

hm, 1080 144hz is more CPU bound than the GPU, not sure if this is true for the games you mentioned, but usually is…

So, I would go for a good motherboard, the best one you can afford, because this will help you in future CPU upgrades (I’m sure that a lot of people will not agree with me on this, but this is what I would do).

For RAM, today, AM5 sweet spot according to AMD is DDR5-6000, but based on previous releases, I’m pretty sure that when ZEN 5 releases, it will work with higher RAM frequencies…
So I would get something like a 6400MHz right now (I’m sure that a lot of people will not agree with me here too ehhe).

For the GPU, there are rumors that the 7800XT is about to be released, so I would keep an eye on that, at this moment I’m not sure if these are only rumors…

Noctua is the best in my opinion, but make sure it is compatible with AM5 socket…

Edit: CPU, you can get a 7600 right now, and wait for ZEN5 x3D chips, or just go ahead and get the 7800x3D.
If you don’t want x3D chips, aiming more cores, you can check the 79xx parts.

Edit2: One more thing about GPUs, RDNA2 is now the best cost per frame you can get… Perhaps you can save some money and get a 6700XT or a 6800XT… But they are kind of the same performance you are getting on the RTX 3070… RT not included.

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Ya i got the 6750 XT but not using it yet. For sure it’s a good way to go and they are reasonable in price here. $539 Cdn.

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Hello! :wave:

AM5 Ryzen 5 7600, good prices right now :slight_smile:
Motherboard is Asrock B650M-HDV/M.2, bought on special locally.

My “galileo” is hard at work with EndeavourOS for some weeks now (mathematical calculations 24hrs/day on MilkyWay@home and LHC@home)

Very reliable :slight_smile:

Take care,

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