Add remove software

Hi folks just installed Endeavour good job only one thing there is no add/remove software why is this or am I missing something
regards Ron

There’s more to read here in this thread but it’s about dropping stuff so it’s easier to maintain.

I like the approach as it’s way better to not have too many of the issues that Antergos had with outdated packages and/or packages that had issues and you had to wait for days to get it fixed.
I guess this can be solved easily with a link to the wiki and/or some “first steps” thing somewhere later.


Most things are done in Pacman [terminal, command] here because resons mentioned above by Tiedemann, but you can install Pamac if you want, to get a GUI.

Here is what the Wiki says about Pacman. What you want is under "Basic Commands:

And the same for AUR:


It seems that a similar thread was here:

Like in Antergos also in Endeavour which is even closer to Arch, you will not find this option by default. And there is really nothing wrong with it. As mentioned, you can install pamac which essentially perform what you expect. In addition to the links listed here, most of the information about package manager in Endeavour is here:

but Bryan wrote it even easier with other examples.

Well, I used Antergos for a while, and it had a good add/remove programs facility. Thanks for the response.