Adding/removing progams?

Hi. Just installed the beta on my 64-bit box. I’m flummoxed. I don’t see an add/remove programs entry in the menu hierarchy. It’s in other Arch-based distros, but not here/ How do I add and remove applications? Thanks.

when you are on archlinux, you can install it in one minute with: yay -S pamac-aur, hello

EndeavourOS is a little closer to pure Arch, so the main form of installation and removal for new applications is through the command line. Are you familiar with pacman and it’s commands? As mentioned above, pamac-aur can also be installed via command line with yay and that will give you a graphical way to search, install, and remove programs.

I’ve had issues with Pamac hanging during download and install recently, though, so I’ve found it safer to install with pacman–not to mention more informative.

gnome software is in the repo or discovery :slight_smile: depend what you like you have also pamac indeed, but if you are a synaptic type of debianish gui like user. i would say install tkpacman from aur. looks debianish but is relies on pacman. Are you cli die hard you can also pick and choose pcurses from te repo to browse and install from the repo/ do you like only watch packages there is always PKGBROWSER in aur. you can only peak what out of the wide world. and install manual in cli with yay or pacman :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s hard to get away from cmd…

Thanks to all for their ideas. I’ll try some of the suggestions. But honestly, including the normal Add or Remove option seems to be something users would enjoy. Thanks again.

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Add and remove… honestly that’s for Windows! :wink:

You’re right, but sometimes just having it there, even if they never use it, gives comfort to those Win10 haters who will be more inclined to switch come January when Win7 draws its last.

My wife is in that group… (sighs)

Maybe you can read this link:


hello, put your wife on manjaro mate “oops his pc”

Um, I don’t think so. I’ve had some… unpleasant experiences with Manjaro, but this isn’t the place for a long rant.

the black screen in 2017

May I sugest Deepin (Arch version). I got my gf on it, when her Win10 bluescreened. She is most sertainly no computer guru, and it works for her.

Maybe. At this point I’m planning on letting Win10 drive her nuts for a couple of weeks, then give EOS Cinnamon (or possibly Vanilla Arch Cinnamon) a chance. The CinnVIIStarkMenu menu applet looks enough like Win7’s to possibly keep her happy.

my wife got crazyu about privacy, so she asked to install linux her pc :slight_smile: but she doesnt use any add / remove program. i only setup pamac to use no password at all :slight_smile: i got stil rest not to fix her pc, is fine