How to switch from Antergos to EndevourOS

But what does that mean, “meet the community halfway”? What do you gain (or anyone really) from having these packages in your repo? Isn’t it worse for both the community and you? Isn’t it, from a security stand-point, one more step that needs to be considered?

Most of the community are /were used to the gui convenience Antergos had, we threw that overboard. Antergos wasn’t that “pure Arch safe” as it pretended to be. This community is what EndeavourOS is all about, we didn’t exactly make fresh and new start in that point of view. We do believe that new users will make less mistakes with us, than under Antergos. You need to get into the terminal to update,install and fix things. I know this doesn’t sit well with Arch purists, but you’ll also learn from your own mistakes and that’s where the community kicks in. The Antergos community aren’t Arch purists.

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If we want pamac i suppose we can install it. It is wise to do it?

I’ve heard that the updated version of Pamac was causing trouble again…

Maybe, but i liked it a lot. I was learn for it from my he Antergos and i kind of use to it.

You’re free to use it, it’s up to you. We don’t hold you back or judge you on it.:wink: We’ve dropped it, so the system is easier to maintain for us.

Best alternative?

I think in the Gui apps Pamac is the best alternative, just browse with it and install the packages you want in the terminal (with yay if necessary) untill the bugs are fixed in Pamac.


I don’t undertand this reply. Why do you have firefox, gparted, kalu and yay in your repos? What is the need for that? What is the difference between having these packages in your repos or in the official arch repositories? You are just adding an extra step and that is a big no no, from a security perspective.

I’ve brought it out wrong, (because I’m doing three things at the same time) our repo won’t have double packages that already are in the Arch repo, it’s just the ones that are either custom made like the nvidia-installer and a notifier for rebooting the system if necessary after an update and some AUR packages that are used in the offline installer.
I’m very sorry for the confusion. Things are building up at the moment and the project is leaning on three persons, (luckily a team member returned) So forgive my communication error. Towards launch we will officially announce what is in the repo. There’s a lot of packages we still have to throw out of th former Antergos repo.:wink:


For the ISO we need to choose a browser, and on installed system you want one also from beginning. Firefox is an open and secure option here. You can uninstall if you do not like.
If you want a package GUI I would suggest pamac-classic from AUR. It is not effected by all the changes on the latest version.

The reason is to not force users to build yay from git, I assume?

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if here is some debian synaptic fan’s , in aur you have also a gui like tkpacman. looks pretty debianish but is written in tk :slight_smile: and i understand people likes pamac, but its always installable from aur anyway.

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It’s easy to migrate from antergos to endeavour, and a script to switch to our repo is easy. We’ll think about something in due time.

But for now we’re still studying how we’re gonna handle endeavour repo, so i don’t see a reason to suggest you to migrate right now (because things may change yet)

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octopi has been useful for me. I will never criticize the inclusion of any app in EndeavourOS; removing unwanted apps is a fairly straight forward procedure. For myself, I would be happy to see a topic in the EndeavourOS forums specific to mention of current problematic packages and advice for remedy. So far I am extremely happy with the direction and philosophy EndeavourOS founders previously mentioned.

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Yes, one of the latest beta versions of Pamac had problems installing from AUR. But the updated version has no problems and works quite stable, at least I do not see any problems.

I think this is a good idea. Maybe even a section on the forum for known issues?

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Are the Endeavour community arch purists?
and - why don’t use pamac?
by the way - I can install pamac and all thePrograms that are shipped with Antergos.

not sure about purism. in the end it’s each with his own. it’s just a matter of having a very clean start for everyone. I agree personally with this philosophy. it allows me to build my system on top of a slim and minimal base. after a clean system install simply running pacman -S package1 package2 package3 allows for mass install of all needed packages. In fact i have a list i just paste there, then sit back and relax for half an hour.
regarding pamac, i’ve been using Antergos for the last two years now. and for the last year i’ve settled for octopi instead of pamac. i like the way it integrates with AUR (allowing upgrade of AUR packages, which pamac does not) and the fact that you can manage the repositories through its GUI, something you can do in ubuntu also (in ubuntu they’re ppas). manjaro uses octopi, btw

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For me it’s not “purist” as much as "minimal ". Which is one reason I am moving away from Manjaro now when they are pursuing a partnership with Canonical with a graphical snap store pre installed among other things (like 200 noto fonts that somehow are hard dependencies for Manjaro xfce).