About Alexa, privacy and other such matters

Maybe you have to retry it. The calendar app on nextcloud can now handle recurring events much better than in 2019.

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maybe I will! :+1:

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I don’t like the invasion of my privacy but I try to minimise it, though I’m also lazy and convenience driven :frowning:

As a result I only use facebook to keep in touch with family in the UK and Thailand doesn’t have Amazon, I rarely use Windows and I’ve only got work stuff on my onedrive.

However I have a gaping hole due to google, and since I rely on Google maps to drive in Thailand and am an Android user I have to accept that they get a lot from me. Though I do try to limit it though using firefox.

The other people that get a lot out of me are Valve due to Steam, though I sort of accept that as they seem happy to focus on controlling my gaming purchases.


Wau seems nowadays everybody getting very confused on discussing stuff what can be polarisating in such ways… we need all to calm down, we do not need to have the same opinion, and if someone have a strange one? it is fine also, no need to get angry :enos_flag:


As far as privacy goes, this is a great youtube channel imho.

Rob Braxman Tech

He also sells de-googled phones.

This is a video he explains what he did for work


Maybe someone care about privacy should build some alternatives to Alexa . i.e. a company supported by and listens to a community . Just an opinion form the person who is trying to figure out if he can build a processor because he doesn’t trust Intel-ME or AMD-PSP :grin:


I thought there was, cant remember the name of it though.

Ask Alexa, she’ll know… :rofl:

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Some people can. :astonished: (but I believe this was not because of privacy :wink:)

If both people in a discussion think that the other one is stupid does that mean they both have the same opinion or not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :innocent:


There’s mycroft, and a glance at their forum suggests that some people are using it with ddg. Haven’t tried it myself.

That’s some real Confuscius level of reasoning there :laughing:


it is a choice end user make… you can always make a own device with home assistand with mycroft… :slight_smile:

Alexa can be a total pain It was on my not so smart JVC smart TV plus i could not turn the damn thing off as soon as the set was restarted it was back on.

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From my experience of using Alexa devices purchased by my friends, I’ve seen it capable only of playing music. Everything else felt meh! to me. And, if I want to buy music speakers, there are lot better choices at the price.
Personal opinion.


We had Alexa/Echo for a few days and found it sometimes responded to the TV or “spoke up” unexpectedly when not addressed. It played music well enough and knew a few jokes. Then we saw the articles on privacy, etc. and promptly tried to unplug it. It protested “I can’t let you do that!”. I managed to “cut the cord”. I probably should not have donated it to the thrift store. Imagine my surprise when my sister-in-law gave us one from Google for Christmas a few months later.


Your privacy is a major key to your security! They go hand in hand. As soon as your personal information is out there, like on facebook, your picture, your families pictures your house, pets… you hand over everything crooks need to take over your identity, your computer, your accounts… They put the puzzle together, learn your behaviors, and with that they can gauge how week your passwords are, then they have the answers to your security questions because you talk to everyone on line, you are their main source for information… Each piece, just makes solving the puzzle all the easier.

We are not talking google here, or Amazon, but Identity thief’s, hackers, robbers and rapists! Child rapists! Murderers! Does that upset you? Good, then I’m making my point!

By being careless with you’re privacy, you forfeit you’re security! Now add an Alexa, or “Hey Google” thing, that can listen in on you, your internet connected “Security” cameras… You may as well just post an add on Craigslist:

“Open house, take everything we own! Rape and beat me and my family” “No charge, first come first serve”.

The truth is the truth! Crying won’t change anything, taking your privacy and your security seriously and into your own hands will. Just because you have nothing to hide doesn’t mean you don’t have everything to lose! And its a moronic excuse if I ever heard one!

If you think someone calling out your failure to logic is bad, wait and see how it feels to lose your belongings, Identity, or someone you love forever? The man with the Ax doesn’t care if you are a big cry baby, it excites him!

Go run to Ubuntu because the rational educated people hurt you with intelligence and critical thought! Join the Ubuntu forum and tell them how much you love your Alexa, and see what happens.

Go ahead and protect your right to be foolish, but don’t try to censor others for exercising their right to be smart!

Alexa and co (IOT) are not just privacy risks but security risks. Buying an Alexa because you have nothing to hide, is like castrating yourself because your neighbors have too many kids!


This is why you should never answer security questions honestly or use personal information in your passwords.


Or use your real phone number i’d add…
And question services that do ask that :upside_down_face:

This one is a situation where privacy and security are at odds.

Many sites use a call/text message as the only option for mfa. You have to choose between exposing your number and not having mfa. Since mfa adds quite a lot of security this is a judgement call you need to make based on privacy views and how important the data the specific site holds.

It is much better when sites offer totp-based mfa.

Phone number based authentications are not considered secure anymore , so enabling it is waste .