About Alexa, privacy and other such matters

Moderator note: this thread has been split off from this topic here, as talks digressed towards security. I’m actually thinking if it’s even worth having this thread at all, as it degenerated pretty fast into controversy that lead to at least 3 users leaving the community.

The Amazon spy of private data life for profiling, that’s why they give it for nothing !
Alexa entered into your home to listen and record your life on Amazon server…

An Orwell world !


Meh… Honestly, I don’t care if Amazon spies my data. Google also does on Android and we all use Android smartphones. We wouldn’t use anything if we cared that much about privacy.

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Because Google steal your data on Android so you agree that Amazon could steal your private life data ! If your private life doesn’t deserve to be protect, so good luck with Alexa…

Your life in the hands of Amazon ! Not the hands of Love…


Yeah, I’m fine with that, as long as the product is good. All I needed was an smart speaker with great sound quality, and Alexa offers that.

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You are fine with that but I do believe on this forum a lot of users care about their private life data so this is what I pointed about Alexa product. After everybody is free to do what they want but at least they know what is the real use of Alexa from Amazon…

Then I don’t see the necessity to spy poeple into their home who are listenning music or whatever they live.


That the problem ! people should care …


I thought this was the “Show your latest purchase” thread.

When did it turn into the “Evaluate my latest purchase, criticize it, and lecture me on why I shouldn’t have bought it” thread?


Want to know something? I don’t like people like you who try to push their privacy worryings onto others… If Endeavour community is like that, I’m about to leave and switch to Ubuntu or even Windows communities, because I don’t like it when people push it on me after telling I’m fine with that.

Yes, I’m switching to Ubuntu because I feel like Arch/Endeavour users care too much about privacy and that’s not my case.

It’s your right to not like poeple who care about their privacy as it’s working in the other sense also !
Our right is to inform that Amazon spy people into their home with their Alexa product.

Then if you are not worry like I’m there is no necessity to spy people into their home, isn’t it ?


It’s not forbidden to speak about the product itself !


Hah! you just threw a baseball bat into a hornet’s nest by posting that here :joy:

You got to understand most people turn to linux because of privacy reasons,
so it’s quite expected to get responses like this about your Alexa :wink:


I gotta agree with Anon and Tardy. Why are people giving him such a hard time for using things that work for him? REALLY goes against the spirit of the “A friendly community reminder” post IMO. Totally wrong.


@Krimkerre, @tlmiller76 he’s gone. The username is already anonymized, so are his posts. Sorry to see one go, but maybe he will find some more like-minded community wherever he’s gone.

I can now speak freely, without offending the ex-user. I immediately googled smart speakers market share after his message, as I was curious if there’s many people buying these things.

These are projected estimates from 2019 I found here:

It is estimated that in 2019, over 98 million units of smart speakers will be shipped worldwide. Smart speaker unit shipments are increasing and are predicted to reach up to 409.4 million units in 2025. A smart speaker is a voice command device with an embedded virtual assistant and can provide control over home automation devices.

Some other figures found here:

And a comment from the article above:

I’m really scared. People are buying (or getting for free) these things en masse. 1984 is coming but without being enforced. People are just putting the chains on themselves.
“I have nothing to hide” is something I hear too often. People don’t realize they’re a dot in a collection of trillion of dots, and AIs get more and more power the more dots there are to analyze.

An AI will get to know what you will do next with stunning accuracy, not only based on your behavior, but also based on those other trillion dots it has analyzed (I say trillions, even if there are only people in the billions, because each user has multiple contexts, accounts, and many data-points are anonymous, but still relevant). The next step is that based on that data messages can be created that will be able to directly manipulate ones behaviour. Imagine ads so persuasive you have barely a chance of not buying whatever the ad is for. Imagine electoral campaigns with manipulative ads crafted by AIs for the highest bidder.

The single individual is right in that his own data is barely significant. But as with the power of voting, drop by drop it becomes an ocean.


Meh…still, giving people a hard time because they want things that WORK rather than care about security…gives me far more pause about trusting someone than someone who admits “I just care that it works well, I don’t care about security”. There’s a reason I haven’t logged into the Arch forums in ~8 years, that’s how they act. Is this forum now going the way of “YOU MUST CONFORM TO OUR WAY OF THINKING OR WE WILL CONSTANTLY RIDICULE YOU AND FORCE YOU TO LEAVE!!!”?


@tlmiller76 I do not condone bashing people for their opinions, and this thread is definitely not suitable for criticizing one’s purchase decisions. If the user hadn’t decided to just leave, I would have intervened as a moderator. He left now, so no more harm can be done.

However I think he would’ve clashed sooner or later against the privacy consciousness of a large portion of the people here (I say this based on the many topics and replies I’ve had the chance to read on this forum). I’m sorry for anyone leaving the community, but as I said, maybe he finds a more like-minded community somewhere else.

Definitely not! The user just reacted too swiftly by leaving. There was no time for moderators to kick in. We try to be welcoming to any user no matter his knowledge level and preferences as a rule. Privacy is simply to great a pain-point for many users here for such replies to be easily kept in check. But that’s rather the odd exception than the rule here.

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Reread the thread, I informed the spy of Amazon with this Alexa product.
I don’t see any problem to inform about a product when on EndeavourOS we care about private data.

The hard time, it’s when Amazon is distributing a product not expensive on purpose to spy then I don’t see the necessity to spy people in their home with this product !

The conformity of thinking you propose us is to don’t care, sorry here we care about privacy where Amazon don’t ! Then we are always free to think what we want at the end, only when your interlocutor doesn’t know in advance what you think…

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As far as I can tell, this thread was created to be a place where forum members can show off their new purchases. Generally, speaking, when someone shows off something, it’s because they’re happy to have purchased it. Maybe they’re even a little proud of it.

There’s a time and a place for criticism, but I think the implied purpose of this thread is that it’s simply a showcase. If you don’t care for what some other person purchased, then say nothing. Don’t give them a “like.” But don’t crap on their new purchase. Have a little tact.

You can argue that you were right all you want, but the fact is that you shat on a forum member’s new purchase and continued to do so even after that member said - twice - that your concerns were not relevant to them, resulting in them leaving for another distro. Congratulations.


There is no critic, but a fact about Amazon who spy with Alexa product, interpret it as you want.
Then on EndeavourOS we care about privacy data, it’s another fact and this product doesn’t follow our philosophy.

As you see, I didn’t remove the product still, but if it’s not stopping now, I will make another thread with it to discuss about Alexa and spy…it will make more sense.

I despise paternalistic attitude from whoever or whatever.
“Let me save you from yourselves” and “I know what’s the best for you” sort of things.
I was surprised and sad to see that happen here and lead to the leaving of a member.

the-road to hell


I despise paternalistic attitude from whoever or whatever.
“Let me save you from yourselves” and “I know what’s the best for you” sort of things.

is it me who make critics ? or You ?

I spoke about a product but here you are speaking about me !