A reminder why Apple sucks (too) 👎🏾


I saw this video yesterday. Until then I didn’t know apple had this much control over its users and developers.

I’m afraid Ken Thomson (too) (Unix co-founder) is not finding Apple good for him anymore …


edit: It is possible, other important or well known users, will move away from them and we are going to hear from it in the news … kind of a movement in the long term … will see :wink:


Let’s forget the fact that sideloading will not be available for the rest of the world. The new rules are much more important, here is how they will impact users in the European Union region.

Isn’t that against EU’s regulatory policies (same reason why the new iPhone is USB-C internationally)?

I don’t see that holding up long term… even though as an EU citizen I don’t really care THAT much, maybe it’s time for US to pick up the pace with consumer oriented regulations anyway, they don’t even need to invent them, just Ctrl + CCtrl + V

The marketplaces will need to be approved by Apple, that’s not all. Apps will need to by notarized by the Cupertino company. Apps will also need to pass automatic checks and a human review. Users will be requested to grant the marketplace permission to download and install apps, after which it can download apps and provide auto updates. The main difference is that these marketplaces can host apps that vate App Store guidelines. In other words, the App Store’s app quality rules do not apply to third-party marketplaces.

This is a HUGE nothingburger…
I don’t even see the need to be stated in the context of the linked article.
Supposedly that’s exactly the benefit to side-loading apps and the way it is supposed to be.

Is it riskier for end-users?
Sure, but in no way should Apple be responsible for reviewing/assuring that apps that circumvent its walled garden are safe and secure, other than maybe the idea that highest risks should have been mitigated at OS (design) level anyway - which it might already be the case, I’m not too familiar with iOS.

Imagine Google having to be responsible for the security of those that root their phones, just because it accommodates that capability. That’s insane!

I hope you are right but, honestly, I don’t see how that scenario would matter at all in real numbers to Apple.

Apple’s marketable audience consists mainly of people that simply don’t care enough…
If you are obsessive about privacy, freedom, ownership, consumer rights, etc, you simply don’t buy Apple in the first place.

Also judging by the move from Mac to “Raspbian” of all things (from your linked resources), I don’t see how this move would be representative of or relatable to many. If your usecase is running 70+ RPis its not like MacOS is an option anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apple=a Clown Cult.

As a user, you are held in greater contempt than Win treats its users.

I had to use it extensively for work for years. It’s cute. I get the appeal. But scratch the surface a little and its just a big Shakedown Artist that returns very little compared to what it wants from you.
The computing restrictions in using Apple are on par with MS, who will delete your software if they don’t like it.
Clown computing, clown cult.


HEY!!! HEY!!!11111 :rage:

It’s so absolutely insulting to a :clown_face: !

Apple is hipster and idiots cult, don’t mix it with noble profession…

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If someone can decide on what you’re allowed to do with your hardware - this is not your hardware. I like the idea of Linux being a libertarian product in this connection.


I mean…duh? When has Apple ever done anything that’s beneficial to anyone other than Apple?


As an idiot, I respect your distinction.
Mac users are not about cocaine the way a clown is about cocaine, that’s for sure. They are concerned with Taylor Swift and icebergs and strife and Itunes.

^^ this ^^. plus they gave us Bonjour and stuff. whatever it does. It’s shut down in firewall.

Agreed :100:. I don’t see it as political as much as getting The Man off my back. Mac and Win are The Man, no doubt.


It’s all political motivated. Being a Russian citizen, I’ve encountered the several restrictions imposed by some companies, including Apple. For instance, some services they used to provide aren’t available anymore despite you having paid for them. They also remotely turned off the features like Apple Pay, VoWiFi, etc.

In previous years they were constantly declaring that business was out of politics. They had lied then.

To be clear, I’ve never supported our government as well as any other. Moreover, my mother is Ukrainian and father is Russian. Such mixed families are very common in both countries and the ordinary people consider the ongoing conflict as a tragedy.

The Big Tech companies, that merged with politicians, have pursued their own goals and never cared of their customers. That’s why I’m a libertarian and appreciate FOSS and the community behind it.


It’s scary to say, but Windows may be the 4th worst compact on the planet these days. Google took over at 1st a while ago with meta second. Apple Matt have just pushed past Windows.

The world is just so bad these days.

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PS stolen for this response :grin:

Whether we want to admit it or not, everything right now is political. Everything.

From OS choice or lack of it, views and choices eating or not eating something, what and who allows you to do something with something you theoretically own, sports players/teams/advertising, absolutely everything.

It’s impossible to talk about anything without it being political.

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Truer words have never been spoken. Even research and the pursuit of scientific knowledge can be politicized nowadays.

Um, no, that’s not how anything works. No country can enforce laws out of its own jurisdiction. Apple probably did USB-C because it’d cost a lot more to manufacture devices with separate types of hardware, while this adjustment they could just do stuff with software (which already has per-region tuning).

apple isn’t independent with their macos , its design is alot inspired by gnome and it uses the BSD codebase rather than having its own code base for its kernel

It can’t as you describe it.
But it absolutely can say “If the product is different in ANY way, we do not import it”. Which forces the hand because it costs way too much for a company to be excluded from the EU market.

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No, GNOME’s design was inspired by Mac, check the release dates. The Kernel also only has BSD as a compatibility layer.

They do indeed derive from FOSS. WebKit, the engine for Safari, is famously derived from KDE, and the core CLI utilities are mostly derived from BSD.

That’s an interesting idea. However, I don’t see how one can define differences outside their jurisdiction, and there’s probably a reason they’re not doing it already. Maybe they already have other, lesser customizations?