A DWM Edition for EOS

EndeavourOS has been the best ArchDistro when it comes to resource usage and plain arch experience. The support for multiple desktop environments and the window managers is out of the box.

It would be very easier for newbies who want to try the DWM edition of EOS, which is directly available from the Calamares installer.

This is just a request though, for extending its support for more WM and DE

Thanks in advance… looking forward to it!

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If it were up to me, I would say “no” to this suggestion, which has been suggested before:

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Thanks for the quick response… but a newbie might find compiling and other stuff sometimes tricky and hard to find what to do.

haha… BTW i use EOS with i3

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dwm is wonderful, but if you want to use it, you ought to at least be comfortable compiling it from code. Ideally, a dwm user should understand the code and modify it to his own purpose, and know how to manually apply patches. Otherwise, the dwm experience is pretty awful.

If you find it tricky to compile a simple C project like dwm, then dwm is definitely not for you.

Giving a compiled dwm binary to newbies would make it an incredibly difficult, if not impossible chore to help them when they inevitably have problems with it.

hmm, maybe your right… the users must be at least in a state of compiling the source and building it for applying patches… got it thanks

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reason=alrady there—> EOS dwm spin