EOS dwm spin

Can there be a dwm spin for EOS like arco linux ??

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There’s always the possibility of getting new CE. If a community member picks up the project then yeah there might be one.

In principle there is an AUR package, but ideally one would follow the suckless way to install and compile dwm. That probably can be scripted. Cloning git repo, config file and compile.


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Do you have a good link for advice on creating a community edition? I assume must be in discovery somewhere…

You can find most of the instructions here: https://github.com/EndeavourOS-Community-Editions/Community-Edition-installer-files

You need those files in that repo. Then make your own repository on GitHub. Name the repo like eos-<CE name>-ce.

Then make a base install of enos (without DE/WM or other software. Use the base option). After that install what you want a start customizing the config files or whatever ever needed. You can use a VM for this.

Copy the edited config files of the DE/WM with the files and other stuff listed in the above link. Contact our Der Doktor (@joekamprad) and upload everything to your GitHub. Then @joekamprad will help you with the rest.


It’s contrary to the spirit of dwm to have versions of it in distro repos.

You’re not supposed to use a package manager to install dwm.

You’re supposed to download the source code yourself, modify it to your specific needs (maybe manually apply some patches), and then compile it (which takes one second or so).

That is the Suckless way!


But in principle that could be scripted, git clone etc… And kind of stay suckless but automate the steps if one wanted a CE.

I think I would watch the video from OldTechBloke on dwm before tackling it. He’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt - and found the better ways to handle patching!


I’ll buy that t-shirt :wink:

I have been there, installed dwm, applied patches, screwed up, tried again, discovered surf (simple webrowser), screwed up again, … C code not for me, hard reality. :smiling_face_with_tear: will try again one day.

If you do try again, I suggest that video! He found a source for 2 easy assisting apps… one of them applies the patches for you with just changing a 0 to a 1, and the other produces clean config for compiling when you have it how you want.

It may not quite be in the ‘spirit’ of C configuration, but it loos like it works well!

Will have to check it out. I saw a DT video which mentions flexipatch I think, but when I tried dwm over Christmas break, my goal was to keep it minimal and try learning code fundamentals. Just took a lot of time to get my config as I wanted and then screwed up.

The same coder who did flexipatch also did a ‘cleanup’ app after flexipatch lets you get the results you want. flexipatch leaves a LOT of ‘cruft’ from being usable for so many different patches, but after cleanup it’s as if you cleanly coded exactly what you intended!