7 Things After Installing EndeavourOS (MUST DO!) - Video

Just a heads up, TechHut from YouTube released a new video today titled “7 Things After Installing EndeavourOS (MUST DO!)”

Hope y’all enjoy :slight_smile:

  1. Remove Gnome :rofl:

Why did installing pamac-all trigger a mkinitcpio rebuild?

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I suppose because it “got it all” :joy:
Well…that’s perhaps a little too much.

Maybe snaps crap…

There were an apparmor dependency, perhaps that’s the case.

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No clue why, but I nearly spit out my tea when I saw him install Discord Snap via pamac :crazy_face:

Edit: I use pamac-aur myself, but only for searching, seeing screenshots, and checking dependencies part all in one place. Everything gets installed/removed via pacman/yay for me



I swear he’s doing that just to f**k with audience… :rofl:


Sometimes we don’t know we’re in a bad relationship till after we’ve left it :wink:
I’m sure there’s a logical reason to use the Discord Snap.There must be. There has to be. It just… :exploding_head:

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Logical + Snap :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:



He was using Ubuntu 21.04* in a recent review video. Something must’ve corrupted him then… Come back to the (purple) light TechHut! :stuck_out_tongue:

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what is snap
snap out off my sytem :crazy_face:

btw: where can i found all the EOS wallpaper i and in EOS github
i can not find theme
i want make some theme with wallpaper in i3wm bspwm and xmonad
special with the background he has in the video

EDIT: Nevermind i found them :wink:

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they are also right inside welcome app (if in use)


Thanks for putting this out
i know they are in welcome script
but i dont have this install on my eos
only because I learn more in terminal
i do not like to click click click to things
is one of the reasons I switched to wm
but have seen all eos own script
and thought they are the best I have seen in a distro
likes when things show what’s going on in the background
and when i install eos i can see what is being installed in the background
love it, make it a believable distro
i have been looking for such a distro for many years

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: Caps Lock : so accidental :cowboy_hat_face:


I haven’t watched it yet but this is something people definitely SHOULDNT do lol


There is no logical reason to use snap anything… Ever x3


I don’t use snaps, but I just reinstalled AGAIN, and today is one of those days when the Spotify package on AUR is broken, so I might have to install flatpak for one bloody package…

As for snaps, he seems to prefer the snap to the flatpak in general.

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I’m a daily Discord user. Installed it via Arch repo/ pacman. Never faced an issue.

Maybe TechHut wanted *buntu users to feel at home by showing Snap support :crazy_face:


If he did an online install (and in this case, it is reasonable to assume he did, because he is using GNOME), he doesn’t really need to update the system right after installing, because there won’t be anything to update (his update consisted only of librsvg).

What does he think this is, Manjaro? :rofl:


I’m up to date and using the Spotify AUR package and it has been working just fine for the last two months. Sorry it isn’t working for you that’s a real bummer. Maybe let the maintainer know if you haven’t already. Even though I have the AUR package, I mostly default to just using Spotifys web player, I have no idea why, I must be weird :stuck_out_tongue:

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