Streaming vs downloading music

Imagine having to be connected to the internet in order to listen to music and/or podcasts… Such slave mentality.

Just download what you’re listening to, it’s so much more elegant. You can play it wherever you want, whenever you want, using whatever player you want, you can delete it, or save it for later. It’s yours.


I only have a 256GB SSD, so unfortunately I can’t fit all my music I’ve aquired from the last 20 years onto this laptop. I keep most of what I listen to on this laptop, for everything else there’s Spotify to fill the gap. It’s not much, but outside of concerts, using Spotify is one small (albeit very small) way to show my support for my favorite artists, even if Spotify gives them pennies.

Storage is dirt cheap nowadays… You don’t need a super fast SSD to store music. A 1 TB Western Digital Blue, a good, dependable HDD, will set you back some 30 petrodollars, and is perfect for storing files like music and videos.

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I’m sure they would be willing to take a bitcoin donation, too, without some greedy third-party corporation taking half of it for themselves.


I listen to metalcore and deathcore bands. They don’t take bitcoins my dude :rofl:

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I’m not sure if the artists you listen to are accepting donations or offering digital downloads. Much of what I listen comes from Bandcamp and they have a decent money model (pay what you want above the base price).
I get some more from artists who offer digital downloads for free and accept donations or charge for “premium content” like FLAC format downloads.


Most of my mainstream music is from the 90s/2000s but these days i get most of my music from Indie folks through friends (i know a few artists), randomly finding it online, and the occasional bit of soundcloud.

I dont like streaming because it wastes battery on mobile devices and network bandwidth (admittedly its not network heavy) on any device.


I would say because in the past I bought my music
but after almost everything has become streaming online
have I started downloading for free
reason I will not support a third-party corporation
streaming is bad business for artists
i thought it for some :poop: that music has gone to streaming
and I know those I listen to do not mind I download their music for free
I support them just by listening to their music
but there are some artists who have started making their own web pages where one can buy their music
i am starting surport them on web pages
many of the music artists form I come from do not make music any more due to the not earn enough on music streaming
so I will never surport streaming

I would say those who use steaming service
they support more the steaming service
end the music artists
ask many of them yourself

Who ISN’T connected to the internet on their devices nowadays? :crazy_face:

And if I know I’ll be offline for any length of time, I can always download the music for offline play via Spotify anyway :joy:


yes if you pay for Spotify every month
then one can download and listen offline
but if you do not pay for it you can not download anything
third-party corporation :rage:

I don’t like streaming because it transforms a product into a service.



£5 a month isn’t breaking my bank, and is much less than buying even only 1 CD every 2 months. It also means I can listen to thousands of different artists, at any time, on any of my devices or operating systems, without having to lug around tens of thousands of MP3 files.

It’s a no-brainer for me, and I would never go back to the days of having to sort through thousands of MP3 files. Been there, done that, no desire to go back.

Also, discovery is a big thing for me, and Spotify is frankly the best streaming service for that. I’ve tried all of the streaming services, from Deezer to Youtube Music to Amazon and more, and Spotify is unbeaten in that regard.


Ironic :joy:


I think the music topic should be split into an own thread…. @moderators

Define “a service” in this context for me please.

Service is the practice of providing an act of being of assistance to someone as economic activity.

if you were a music artist yourself you probably would not say the same :rofl: :rofl:
5 pounds a month is not it

and the youtube link work just fine here

So Youtube with an ad-blocker would be fine? :slight_smile:


I’m a consumer, not an artist. Not exactly sure what your point is (again)?