240hz not available

Hi everyone,

Im running the development version with a odyssey g9 and a 3080 and I do not see 240hz available using my max res 5120x1440. running xrandr does show 239.90hz available at a resolution of 2560x1440. Running Windows I am able to run it this way along with hdr and gsync.
I’ve updated nvidia drivers using dkms command as well.
Any ideas ??


Yeah…Looking at this, looks like X haven’t been made with that extreme refresh rates in mind :laughing:
Not sure what to advice here, except try wayland (which have a lot of other problems), but perhaps they have already thought about that one…

And welcome btw :partying_face:


Im using KDE, how would I try wayland (Would I just install xorg-xwayland?) Also, would it be easy to revert back to X if it doesnt work as intended?

That is for some reason a “hidden” knowledge, but actual steps should be pretty easy though.
Need someone here who actually use it with KDE for the latest tips, i haven’t used it in a long time myself.

I think it should be:


Which is meta-package, but don’t quote me on that :wink:

That should be super-easy, the idea is that you choose with dropdown in login screen which session to launch X or wayland, so if it doesn’t do any good you can switch to X and remove all wayland packages.

It will work. Check out this post. It may be the same issue.

Edit: F.Y.I in case you don’t read the whole post. It was reinstalled with a newer development ISO. Link is on the page if it’s still good.


This is on a fresh endeavour install using the latest development version so not sure if I misunderstand what to install. Looks like the other user was running a lower resolution than me. The resolution he had shows 240 for me but my max resolution is higher so not sure if a fix needs to be implemented for this res?

Sorry, i didn’t read your first post. I do see there is a lot info online regarding this Monitor and also that Video card. It’s been reported to Nvidia as far as i can see and i notice there are issues with it on Windows also. Eventually hopefully it will get resolved. :crossed_fingers:

There was a firmware update version 1008.1 Nov 19/20 for the Samsung Monitor. Just wondered if you have looked at that? Supposedly to support the 240hz. It say’s all OS. I’m looking at it on the Cdn. site. Not sure if anyone has reported it working on Linux. I guess check what version your monitor has is the first thing.

Thanks for looking into this further. I’m running the latest firmware and everything works in windows fine. This issue is only appearing in this install.

The other user was on KDE also? Did you use the same ISO?

Yes. I’m guessing this might be an issue with nvidia Linux driver implementation ? Nvidia recently released a beta version that might or might not resolve, but looking at the steps to load it it seems extremely confusing.

Which driver is it?

Edit: current driver is 460.89 . Not sure what you have loaded.

Edit2: 455.45.01-10 is the latest in Arch testing repo.

Running 455.45.01-1 dkms(is loaded that way standard with eos developer install) and updating yesterday did not find any other available. Nvidia shows newer but didn’t see in repo I’m guessing because its beta.

I saw it was newer here but when i switched it to Linux it put Windows back in the window.

Edit: So it is the beta

Just determined this is only not displaying 240hz when adaptive sync is turned on.
So the hunt continues not sure if this is an arch or nvidia issue

Have you tried the latest beta drivers?


Edit: As always buyer beware! :wink:

That’s the part that confused me. The drivers that came pre-instsalled with endeavour show dkms at the end of the driver name so didn’t know if non dmks was compatible.
I’m able to use non dkms? If so what does dkms actually mean like what’s the difference ?

You can use nvidia or nvidia-dkms. Your choice. If you have more than one kernel or custom kernels i guess is the reason because of this:

The Nvidia module will be rebuilt after every Nvidia or kernel update thanks to the DKMS pacman hook.

Edit: I think the reasoning behind the dkms version is there is less problems with installation. EndeavourOS also provides installers. But again you have the choice.

I don’t know if this AUR version is something you even want to get into. I just saw it in the AUR. I do know there is a hotfix in Windows. Hotfix Driver Version 456.98. Not sure if you have Windows or not but that would be a good place to test the hotfix.

I’ll probably check out the beta, I have pamac manager handle it anyways so should be easy to revert if need be.
Windows works fine using just the latest stable release