Zenbleed vulnerability

Looks like I am lucky. All my CPUs are either too new or too old to be impacted by this one.

Either way, looks like it is patched in the kernel and will be in an upcoming release.


Thanks, looks like i am spared of this as well :smiley:

$ grep cpu.family /proc/cpuinfo|sed 1q
cpu family	: 23

23==17h, so I’ll be looking for the firmware upgrade for my laptop, and looks like 2023-12, so I’ll be waiting a long time.

My 7302P seems to have AGESA out now. I wonder if I have to wait for SMC to release a BIOS upgrade or if the linux-firmware package will have something sooner, and if it will work? I don’t know enough about how linux-firmware integrates, anyone with ideas around this?

Patched in kernel, but with performance impact vs firmware update and I assume minimal performance impact.

Thanks for the tip. It looks like i’m not affected.:slight_smile:

it is already released:


linux 6.4.6.arch1-1 already in core-testing: https://archlinux.org/packages/core-testing/x86_64/linux/

I’m on Intel, lucky me! :smiley:
They have about 1000 other vulnerabilities :rofl:

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AMD Ryzen 7 5800H (Mobile CPU) seems not impacted luckily

Thanks for the information! Mr. Dalto :angel:

I replaced the ryzen 3s 3100 for the ryzen 7s 2700x (used CPUs for an economical price … ) in the calculating machines during the last year.

I think I’m also OK :astonished:


there is also firmware update coming ( microcode )

linux-firmware 20230625.ee91452d-5 in core-testing:


Amazing how things move fast! You gotta love Arch, btw!

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Yes, exploring arch / eos for my laptop / desktop for more up to date software, and ubuntu was irking me, and time for a change too. Must try nixos at some point too, declarative nature looks interesting.

The microcode update is only fixing EPYC server processors though.
Until december the kernel patch will have to do it :unamused:


Ah … what a bummer!

Thanks for the info!

Me too, I have been wanting to do this but so far I haven’t got around to do it. At some point, hopefully!