Youtube uses a lot of cpu, I use Vivaldi

So, I use vivialdii on my ol’ gamin laptop, the thing had 7300hq and mx150

the mx150 had the proprietary driver installed, it doesn’t really overheat … but it warms up in the late 50’s, 49 to 55 that is

the only isssue I have is that youtube videos use around 55-60 % cpu and 60 fps videos use 98-99 % cpu and the nvidia gpu gets used like a lot

last time I tested it with 60 fps vids on yt I had 60 C on the mx150 and 75 C on the cpu

is there a way to maybe switch codecs or do smth to reduce the usage and temps

note : I always play vids that are up to 1080 P :frowning:

it is very sad, cuz this is the reason why I letft linux mint too, those temps were eating my old cpu…

Have you enabled hardware acceleration in vivaldi?

You probably want to run the browser on the Intel. Some hybrid laptops often only had h264 decode hardware on the integrated GPU.

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Yes, it it enabled, I checked in vivaldi settings… idk how to switch settings between nvidia and intel , there’s no UI for it , im preety sure it’s runing off the intel cpu though

I could let it run like this… but I still cannot watch some youtube videos without having fans screaming

Did you install vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs?

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Hmm…hardware acceleration is no longer working for me on Vivaldi or any other chromium browser.

It did in the past.

There is another topic discussing this.

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but for some odd reason it worked better than on firefox, ngl

On firefox, it works perfectly for me.

You do need to do some config top make it work though.

Unless it is installed automatically … I did not , what would these do ?

how to do configs ?

I thought these were no longer needed since Vivaldi automatically downloads the codecs when they are missing these days.

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I mean… it did give me some weird notification … vivaldi that is about some codec , dont remember it’s name ngl
usually before starting up after updates , seen it twice

Looks like vivaldi codecs are optional deps in the PKGBUILD.

so ? I sould not install those ?

Not sure as @dalto said vivaldi downloads them… but you can install the codecs to try them.

i will search for them before… I don’t want trouble with the linux … don’t have time to to reinstall it… ill do a :
sudo pacman -Ss …

only tommorow, i am not at office yet

could it be the lack of configs that made this behavior ?

Chromium Arch Wiki points out

To reduce CPU usage while watching YouTube where VP8/VP9 hardware decoding is not available use the h264ify, enhanced-h264ify or Not yet, AV1[5] extension.

no idea if it could be related to your problem though, what’s the output of

$ vainfo


i ll report tommorow, im not at the office where I have the linux laptop… im on the win11 one tonight xD

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This was the way I guess,cuz the cpu usage is around 35% at base with Vivaldi @ 720P

Also GPU acceleration seems to work all right, even though cpu usage is higher a bit than on windows , even without h264 ify and other extensions seems to work

Only add blockers don’t want anymore, I guess I’ll have to research it later

Idk what’s matter with Vivaldi’s add blockerr