YouTube orders ‘Invidious’ to shut down in 7 days

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P.S. Google (spit!)

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Don’t use invidious. Not a big youtuber to begin with. :man_shrugging:

So. . . I’m guessing it’s not a hard line for 7 days. . . . lol


ha I think this has needed a title change for quite a while :stuck_out_tongue:

any update to the Invidious story? asking for a friend who is deeply in love with freetube :wink:

There is no real update but most invidious instances seem to be healthy these days.

despite my love for that app (I liked free better than invidious and have never got sm-tube to work ever) bit I did a lot of research on how much separation these apps really get from youtube…in many instances youtube proxies still hand over your IP, or enough identifying info, so they still know it’s you.
separation is depressingly minimal with freetube at least and I’m sure the others follow suit. edit for clarity: they know what I like in movie and song suggestions.

Lately I have been using freetube via an individious instance in the settings.


interesting. that sounds like another degree of separation which to me is all I really want with a proxy