YouTube orders ‘Invidious’ to shut down in 7 days



The length people go to not pay other people. This is why we can’t have nice things and why other services are doomed to fail. Nobody cares about alternatives like odysee as long as people prefer fighting with youtube and feel good doing it.

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Could you please clarify what you’re talking about? It makes absolutely no sense to me and I do not understand it why it was a reply to my post.

My bad. I wanted to address a few specific points and then decided for a more general statements instead. But I always forget that deleting a quote doesn’t automatically disconnect the mention/answer structure in discuss. Mea culpa.

The length people will go to to get paid is worst than those who wish not to pay. Google is pushing to move into your house to control you. I wont pay for that.

Yes, people like fancy things like food, shelter, and being able to pay for medical bills. So people creating content - esp. fulltime - probably have a much stronger incentive than someone just watching a youtube video for entertainment.

Also google isn’t pushing anything, everybody is free not to not consume youtube. That’s not a push but a pull decision. Go to your router, set youtube on the DNS blocklist and boom, problem solved.

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maybe not in the world your in but in this world they certainly are.

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I was going to buy an Oculus-2 VR headset until I found out I need to have a meta account, and an android device in order to set it up. Sure I can go without, but an Oculus is affordable. The others are too much money for this cat.

That s what they call it on rutrackerdotorg also.


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What does Rossmann expect? You can invest an arbitrary amount of money into advertisement and make that money back plus profit? That’s not how it works. Otherwise everybody would just borrow money, “invest” it into advertisement and make some cash.

I wouldn’t call it clown take, but it isn’t far off.

btw, there were exactly such infinite-money bug for years on youtube, but that doesn’t matter really :rofl:

And in case you haven’t noticed - Rossmann hasn’t expected anything, on the contrary.

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Isn’t this whole video about an expectation in an investment that wasn’t met in reality: Spend money on advertisement to generate views and additional ad money?

But on the other hand the target audience probably doesn’t consume ads, so expecting any ad revenue is a fruitless enterprise from the beginning. If you promote ad blocking you can’t expect additional revenue form ads. I’m (not) shocked! :wink:

Well…There’s only one way to find out - actually watch it, before telling what you think on the matter :rofl:


It was other youtuber who deliberately experimented.
And Rossmann pretty much tells how stupid it is to expect that for creators…


When someone asks for confirmation if you agree with a summary of a presentation then that doesn’t mean they haven’t engaged with it. It probes if there is a meaningful disagreement in the conclusion of that argument. - So yes, I actually watched it, all of it.

Social pro tip. :wink:

A :lying_face:, really? - When I started with endeavouros this forum had a very, very positive vibe. When you are visiting nowadays there seems to be a very harsh ingroup-outgroup divide of regular and non-regular visitors. And good luck if you comment on any non-technical topic and don’t fall in line with the ingroup.

I ve noticed a trend lately. Disagree? Go for the jugular. Destroy their life, status, reputation. All of the above. My suggestion; bring back bar fights. I haven t watched a good bar fight in decades.

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this is pretty much any where anymore. At least here it is controlled more. Maybe not as good as even a year ago but do we have an appropriate amount of moderators for the traffic this forum gets? As someone who’s done moderation in the past I can say its pretty much a full time job and I honestly believe everyone who volunteers has a job a family and other responsibility’s to take care of as well. Since this is still one of the most friendly forums I still think they maintain a environment built on respect. I have personally seen @dalto make several comments that he has cleaned up and closed threads that have gotten out of hand.


I do not believe the regularity of the members contributes significantly to this division you perceive. Take this masterpiece of a thread for example, where some of the most regular members in the community vehemently disagreed with one another for nearly 350 posts:

I actually really enjoyed reading through that one; I was somewhat disappointed when a “solution” was announced. :laughing: :popcorn:

Not for nothing, but you kind of jumped into this thread assertively disagreeing with other community members on every post you made. I’m not sure what kind of reception you were expecting. :smirk: It seems a little backward to accuse the community of growing hostile, given your tone. “First take the plank out of your own eye,” as they say. :wink:


Yes, I assertively disagreed, that’s the main reason why I wrote something. In case of assertively agreeing you just heart a posting and move on. So by definition if somebody falls on a different side of an issue there must be a first “jumping in and disagreeing with everybody else so far”.

Also by definition you have to expect that everybody else (so far) is going to disagree with you, and one may call that a “hostile reception”. That’s fine if is is on the arguments, because it may spark an interesting or at least entertaining discussion. Even if it boils down to a posting of “I completely disagree with you, you misunderstand the issue and there’s no point in further engagement.” that is a reasonable conclusion.

But if the responses become “lying face”, “clown face” etc. what are we doing here? Esp. an OP introducing the topic should have the responsibility to either constructively engage or let a discussion play out among others. To just opinion drop content and if somebody disagrees call them liar, spam “clown face” etc. is imho not an acceptable behavior which is toxic for the community.

But in the end, who cares, let’s move on. :slight_smile:

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I have used FreeTube since it started, YouTube now owned and exploited by Google (spit!) is spoiled by too many adverts. I don’t mind YouTubers making a few quid from their efforts, but Google (spit!) is coining it in !

FreeTube runs extremely well on everything I have put it on … there is no version for Apple iPads and no plans to produce one. :slight_smile:

It is possible to get your FreeTube subscriptions through invidious, but as far as I can see, FreeTube can run without a link to invidious.

I constantly try to eliminate Google (spit!) from having any access to me, my life or my computers (and other electronic devices).

When Google (spit!) first started, it was an excellent search engine, and I used it until the signs of greed started. I now use DuckDuckGo and find that meets my needs,

BTW, this is my first comment here. I am new to EndeavourOS and am enjoying the new experience.