Yad issue solved (EDIT)

This was posted in another post but I thought to make a special announcement on it.

Yad, the package our eos tools are based on, has a silly bug with the size of the windows. This bug has been reported to the dev team for some time now but it hasn’t been resolved except a workaround that has been posted.

@manuel has forked an EndeavourOS version of Yad with this workaround implemented and it will be maintained until the Yad devs fixed the bug.
In order to receive that update, you have to follow some instructions.

You can get the info by clicking the software news on the Welcome and for those who have the welcome app disabled here is the link.

If you don’t want to change the settings, this bug won’t break the system, it is just an annoying look in the size of the windows of our tools.


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We found out that the eos version of yad needs an extra dependancy to be able to work


Manuel is going to fix this issue as soon as possible.


Yes, it is fixed in yad-9.1.eos3-1.


edit: re-edited, thanks @ReemZ for the force!


NEVER do partial upgrades.

sudo pacman -Syy

MUST be followed by

sudo pacman -Su

(or -Suu if you want to get downgrades too)

I get you did -Syy separately to show the [endeavouros] repository now being on top, but do show the -Su part as well. Preferably though, combine the two:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Only thén install new packages.

I know, if you’ve just done your updates, then edit pacman.conf, it shouldn’t be a problem, but this is not clear from the video.


this is true :bulb:
I will recreate it… mainly I was tinkering with creating such videos so I was not planning this completely, so thanks for reminding that and thank to this I can teach me a bit more about video creation :wink: i see also the intro was not scaled correct now :unamused:

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There is a bug reports category here:

If it is a bug report on the EndeavourOS tools or a bug on the ISO, use the bug report.

If it is a bug related to an app or DE, then post it in the right category. If you don’t know, post it in the newbie or general system section.

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