Xonsh and Kitty experiments

I have made some small scripts over the period of many years. After migrating from MX to EOS, these scripts may need some rewrites. Also to complicate things further, I wanted to learn more python and decided to make Xonsh my default shell and Kitty my default terminal.
I have got many things working like autoenv avox, pretty terminal powerline3, smatrcd zoxide, etc. yesterday.
I am yet to make ssh work in kitty.

Okay. Seems like you’ve got things covered :slight_smile: :+1:


i have an issue whenever i open the kitty terminal. The deprecation warning is from xonsh dependency distutils i guess. according to the author who uses arch, he does not have such issue.
could this be specific to EOS.
Can any of the maintainer please confirm.


EndeavourOS is an Arch derivative, not an independent distro: the xonsh package comes directly from Arch.

Looks like the developers are looking into it so if it’s due to something in xonsh itself then it might be fixed shortly. On the other hand, if it’s due to the PKGBUILD using setuptools then that would need some sort of packaging change in time for Python 3.12 (which I think is at least a year away?).

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