XFCE along qtile


I had a question regarding qtile. Can this window manager be installed along XFCE. I don’t mean to use at the same time but at login for example be able to chose the session.



i can confirm you it was working fine. it is because i installed the default setup and then added qtile. logged out from xfce and selected qtile session and logged back in.

once everything worked comfortably i nuked xfce.

And how would you go about if you where to do a fresh install? Because qtile is not in the supported window mangers. I believe it is only i3.


there is a fully functioning community edition, right here

You could also install xfce and then install vanilla qtile. sudo pacman -S qtile. Then copy the config file into your folder.


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If I were to do it, I would install unthemed xfce first. Then install qtile as suggested by the wiki. And then follow my guide crib killing off xfwm4 to setting qtile in auto start and removing the shortcuts.


I would install qtile community edition suggested my @pannet1 , and then add in xfce and xfce-goodies.

Try it out. I’ve never done that particular combo.

I’m interested in helping if you give it a go though. I’ll help the best I can.

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