WTF?! Windows desease?! Beloved and carefully tuned Task Manager and wallpaper changes greatly after the update

Thank you, but I didn’t ask for it. I hate intrusive service


Well… maybe then KDE and a rolling Distro is not the right thing for you? What is your complaint? That the KDE maintainers changed things from KDE5 to 6? Then tell them…


Rolling release model of ours has nothing to do with it, only KDE.


I don’t get the problem that is being described if there even is one.


I disagree. If he wouldn’t had a Distro with rolling release model he wouldn’t be “so surprised” - at least that’s my experience with users (including me) and non-rolling distros which perform a mayor update. For example the thing with Ubuntu and Gnome, where they waited with Gnome 4 until the next mayor update. You almost expect things to be different when you upgrade from let’s say Debian 10 to 11.


If I am not mistaken, I have always heard/read that an update/upgrade to a piece of software should never touch user’s configurations on the current install.

KDE Devs seems to have dropped the ball on this point with this upgrade.

Specially, changing users’ X11’s default session to Wayland leading to so many cases of breakage.

They could have, upon first login after update, informed the users, through some notification, that they now consider Wayland to be default and recommend users to switch if they so wish.


Yeah but that doesn’t depend on release model still, there are many stable release distros that strictly follow upstream too…So for the most part it’s KDE decision anyway.

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You can no say that !! :rofl:

When it KDE you need say " Problems should be expected." ( as point out on different thread ) :innocent:



The user had to change their session manually on existing installations, right?

I’m not having any problems on Kde and i use grub. No boot issues… no efi issues, no update issues. It just works. Oh ya and I’m using Wayland … on Nvidia too!


Maybe rolling release is not for you then. Edit: Oh I think you mean changing user settings like wallpaper? At least I don’t have any wallpaper, just a static color (always) and it did not change with the upgrade. But I’m not sure what you mean by Task Manager changes.

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Nope, it defaulted to Wayland

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Stop saying: “rOlLiNG rELeaSe iS nOT fOr YuO”. This has nothing to do with the rolling release model. Updates on rolling release should never touch userspace, never change any settings in your ~/.config directory.

Plasma update messed things up. It shouldn’t have touched userspace, like updates typically don’t, but it did. Blame KDE for that.

The OP is entirely right to complain about it, but he is complaining on the wrong forum. There was nothing EndeavourOS could do about this fiasco.

And I respect your right to be wrong.


On my test install, it set the default to Wayland. It was X11 prior to the upgrade.

Also, I haven’t followed each and every thread reporting issues but those I have seen having issues seem to be unaware of Wayland having been set to default and thus recommended to switch back to X11.

Just to clarify what happened for you if you aren’t a regular forum reader, KDE plasma moved from version 5 to version 6. This is a major change. The last time this happened was almost 10 years ago.

Because it was such a major change, the structure of certain things changed. This may have caused things you were doing to be incompatible which would have reset them to their defaults.


It does in some ways. Most non-rolling distros wouldn’t introduce a change this major in a standard update. However, when you use a rolling distro, you should expect big changes from time to time. This why individuals should pay attention to what is getting updated instead of blindly pressing the button.

In something like Debian or Ubuntu this wouldn’t happen. You can update whenever you want and not worry about new major versions coming in.

I don’t think the update changed any user config. Realistically speaking, a package can’'t do that unless it does some truly crazy stuff.

Isn’t it the opposite? The update introduced backwards incompatible changes. Since user config wasn’t touched, the end result was a changed experience because some settings ended up getting pushed to defaults.


The update itself didn’t change userspace, but Plasma did the first time it booted, so effectively it did it. Resetting the wallpaper is, for example, a type of change one should never expect after an update. Also, changing to Wayland session, and a million other little differences.

This was intentional, KDE devs said something along: Plasma remains customisable as ever (:ox::poop:), but we’ve reset your settings to default so you can see what’s new.

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Well that is not OK. How does that even work, SDDM is supposed to remember the last used session. Are we sure this is intended behavior?

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Are you sure? Isn’t it the opposite? Backwards incompatible changes were made and since user config wasn’t migrated, it had the impact of things reverting to defaults. I haven’t actually checked so this is an honest question.

That is normal for all packages. If you were using the default and the default changes, you get updated.

In this case though, isn’t it a side-effect of the packaging changing?


I think that’s a good question. Many assume every problem and change is intentional by the KDE devs. It might be very well a bug or a configuration they didn’t think of. Especially if something is carefully tuned. I assume the devs don’t want break personal configuration at all and some of the reported problems are just “bugs”.