Wrong vconsole key map for it

Hi there,
I’ve just reinstalled EnOS and noticed a possible bug (check a couple of time in vm afterwords to be sure it was not something I’ve messed up somehow).
Basically I generally install only the EnOS core system and then from tty install the packages I need for DE etc. I use English language but Italian keyboard, directly setup during installation, but when booting in tty I’ve the American keyboard layout and checking the /etc/vconsole file it contains this


Instead of


by default.
Is a curated choise that I’m not understanding or a simple bug?
Anyway, thanks a lot for your work!

Don’t really know about Italian keyboard layout, but isn’t it2 working?
It is one of the choices in /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwerty.

Nope, with it2 for example if I press the “-” key “/” appears, as in the US or GB keyboard

OK, thanks!
So it might be a bug in the upstream calamares program. I don’t know why they have chosen it2 instead of it.

But if you have (or wish to create) an account at github, you could ask the calamares devs about this, maybe they have an explanation.

This is the place to ask calamares questions:

Will do for sure! Maybe they have a good reason for this :slight_smile:

seems it is that it uses it for X11 and it2 for vconsole:
but needs to be checked if it is the same with latest calamares… as release ISO uses older version of calamares…

Yes I noticed that too. Infact when on DE the keymap is correct. You notice it only if using tty (which not much user use I think).
Maybe I’ll wait to report until new iso (with you calamares) if you think it could be the case.

i will test with latest calamares on the run… simply choose it keyboard on testing other stuff… but somehow installs failed on what i am currently testing so i have no result :wink: but next test will be a success !

i can confirrm exactly the same on latest calamares.
I will ask at the caldev chat if this is by reason… and we can go to open a report if they do not know about…


are this the two different ones?

https://github.com/calamares/calamares/blob/calamares/src/modules/keyboard/kbd-model-map says:

consolelayout xlayout xmodel xvariant xoptions
it it pc105 - terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp
it2 it pc105 - terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

Yes they are different, never seen the italian-2. Also the issue I’ve noticed is with the underscore/minus key, that is the same in both.

It is not clear to me what it2 is exactly … I find these layout pictures and name them as it says there is the traditional default it and another one colled new Italian… I could be also on the wrong track…

I don’t really know. I sincerely never saw the second one in almost 20years of using a computer. We will see what the calamares dev as to say I think. You would me to open a bug report on their GitHub or you will ask directly them instead? No problem for me either way.

calamares using the “official” List from freedesktop → kbd-model-map

but the one in sources is from 2015 could be simply the issue already…
But would be nice to know what exactly is your layout… you could confirm from the pictures if one matches exactly yours or make a photo or give the exact model and producer… only to make sure it has the default Italian layout.
If we find the reason/issue i can do a pull request directly on calamares sources.
I can try building an ISO with the latest list and see if it would change console font to it

A related question:
Is your keyboard a “standard” Italian keyboard, or are there other variations available?

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The First of the two images is my exact keyboard. And as far as I know is the standard Italian layout. Right now I’m using a Dell Inspiron 7577, before a laptop HP (cannot remember the model), a Lenovo laptop and a lot of tower PC from home and when I was teaching in some school. Always the same layout, so I’m pretty sure that is the default for it keyboard. I don’t know if any other layouts exists but I never saw them is they does.


so in console/TTY you have wrong signs … because it is set to this not default layout… it2–

Exactly, with my keyboard and it2 I’ve wrong sign in console/TTY


2015 :wink:
But it is also a calamares BUG and comes from wrong try match on a list from freedesktop org… simply removing the entry for it2 would solve the issue, and almost no one would need it2 layout in console and it in x what for should that be useful? using a second keyboard if on TTY?