Would like some help with nvidia drivers

Hi, i will be doing some hardware upgrade tomorrow (new mobo, ram, gpu and psu)
the gpu in question is the Nvidia Gigabyte GeForce 10 Series GTX 1050 GV-N1050G1 GAMING-2GD 2GB and i would like to know which drivers i’ll need to install for it, the psu i am getting for it is a seasonic 500w

The GTX 1050 is supported by the latest drivers. You shouldn’t have any issues. If you are using a new Intel processor you need to use a kernel parameter ibt=off in the default grub command line and then run the update grub command. The info is here in the Arch wiki in case you need to look at it.


You can use nvidia-inst tool and should be easy. If you need help or are unsure just ask here.


Thanks, i plan to keep this topic updated, do you think i’ll be able to boot with the nvidia 340xx drivers installed or i’ll have to unistall it from command line to install the latest drivers ? the new mobo is am3 (which is compatible with the latest cpu i bought which is for am2+ and am3, and the pci is 2.0,i’ve heard pci 3.0 gpu works with 2.0 pci express is that true ?, and i’ll be getting corsair DDR3 ram modules

I doubt that you can boot the 1050 on 340.xx drivers. Plus you are changing some major hardware. You may have to boot to a TTY if possible to do this or you may have to arch-chroot to do it from the live ISO? I’m not entirely sure what’s the best route to take. The pci 3.0 should work in the pci 2.0 slot.

At first i had thought of getting a Radeon Rx 550 2gb Gddr5 Low Profile Rx550 but then the nvidia one seemed to be better for me and the nvidia seems to require less psu power to work, it feels like that the radeon would work out of the box

Yes it would as it uses amdgpu open source kernel drivers I think if it were me i would uninstall the nvidia drivers first and then make your hardware changes and then boot up on the nvidia card. You may also be able to uninstall the 340.xx drivers and install nouveau open source drivers first. Then it may boot on the nouveau drivers without issue and then you can install the current nvidia drivers.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion, i’ll keep this topic updated during the next weeks, at least until i have the drivers set and working !

You can check it with these 2 links:

Looks like 340 is not supporting your card.

i’ll see what i can do, because last time i uninstalled the 340drivers i cound’t boot to my desktop anymore, maybe because installing proprietary drivers uninstall the nouveau ?

another doubt i have is how to enable nvenc for this gpu (i plan to do some tests on obs studio) will the driver enable nvenc by default ?

nouveau is a module in kernel, so it will not be uninstalled, but blacklisted by nvidia driver.
Anyway, simply uninstalling the nvidia driver should remove blacklisting of nouveau.

If you are interested, before you uninstall nvidia, try find the blacklist of nouveau in your system. It can be in a few places, like /etc/modprobe.d, /usr/lib/modprobe.d, or /etc/default/grub, and maybe more.

About nvenc: sorry, I’m not sure about it. But unless you didn’t make any special setup for it with the 340 driver, I assume it will work with the latest nvidia driver too.

i found nvidia-340xx-dkms.conf in /usr/lib/modprobe.d, is this the file ? here’s the content of the file:

blacklist nouveau

Yeah, that looks like it. When you uninstall nvidia driver, it should remove this file as well.

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BTW, you can see the files of a package with command

pacman -Fl <packagename>

but you may need to update the database first with

sudo pacman -Fy
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sudo pacman -S nvidia-dkms
sudo pacman -R amdvlk lib32-amdvlk nvidia-340xx-dkms
sudo pacman -S steam

Then poweroff, switch cards, power on. The 1050 should be working and displaying stuff on boot.

Thanks, i bought everything online so it might take some days or week to get everything, but once i get everything i’ll try the suggestions on here, thanks

Looks like i have everything nice and working, i was stuck on windows 7 (i installed a second hd with windows 7 installed) and i could’t figure out how to access the boot menu to choose between usb, dvd driver, hd1 hd2 etc, so i had to tweak the bios and set the hd with eos to priority, and then i noticed the w7 hd showed up on the grub, is it safe to boot windows 7 from the eos grub menu ? also @ricklinux should i run inxi to check if the drivers has been properly installed ? just let me know which command i need to run to check this, thanks

It boots, but is it safe to boot Windows at all ? It’s a different question. :wink:

inxi is a good program for checking it. although there are others too:

inxi -Gza
lspci -vnn | grep -PA11 '3D|VGA|Display'
lsmod | grep nvidia

hi would you like me to post the output of all the 3 commands ?

Yeah, why not, if you are not totally sure what to look for.

EDIT: note that you can use e.g. eos-sendlog:

inxi -Gza | eos-sendlog

and post the returned URL(s) here.