Would game performance suffer if I run it from a ntfs partition?

I have a lot of games on a ntfs partiton and I don’t really have the space to move all of them out and reformat…

Not much - but it will a bit, also NTFS needs periodical de-fragmentation to keep up…
Ideally you should use ext4, but until you find a way to switch - it will do.

This depends on the drive and system. The current NTFS driver is Fuse and can REALLY suffer in performance in gaming. You could also have FS corruption if you don’t set things up right if using steam nuking your NTFS.

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Corruption, really? :exploding_head:

If steam creates files using characters not allowed in NTFS or you encounter permissions issues the NTFS will become “corrupt” when you boot into windows with it. It technically isnt but you will have to find a way to fix it

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