Woof OS with qtile and xfce

Already taken:


I guess I should have looked! I like cats, but…I think I can resist trying that one out!

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No, basically just great distro, crap name, change it!


OK - I guess we need a major change then (!)… or not. What about (tadah)


It really says it all…!


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Might be helpful to start a campfire this Christmas

actually the kid is very bright. he loves dogs and world definitely needs more such love. he, i think almost done some good job with Qtile, single handedly. my estimate is he should be near his 20s.

demo of woff

PS: Last month Nov 2021 he is just 13 Years.


Must be a trend - there is a Unity spin on Ubuntu from someone about that age too… I was lucky to keep the punch cards sorted in the right order at that age!


He is very talented indeed , Woof OS is a beauty , I did not want to try qtile but on Woof OS it is really fun

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I would probably replicate the configuration in EOS, so that you can lot many options here. Also the community here is great and the support is almost instant.