Windows: Recall or not Recall



“Recall won’t work with every Windows 11 computer. You’ll have to buy one of several fresh new “Copilot Plus PCs” powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite chips, which have the neural processing unit (NPU) required for Recall to work.”


Thing is, they, meaning manufacturers, will probably find a way to implement AI/machine learning at a firmware/hardware level, which would mean that it wouldn’t matter which OS you are using.

The only thing that would matter is whether the OS shows the info within the OS or hides it.

I feel like buying a new device now, rather than waiting for this one to die or become obsolete so that I can avoid having a device like that.

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the verge says this like it’s a good thing:
“Microsoft’s groundbreaking new AI-powered tool can search and recall anything you’ve seen or done on your PC like a personal historian.”

not a hint of skepticism, just bend on one knee, kneel, and behold the glory.
Our press has really let us down in this lifetime.
The eager beavers will swallow this up.
The Microsoft Linux Foundation will roll this out soon with a trial balloon.
It will hurt more than it does now to simply compute soon.
I think I was happier just reading books.

Thus ends my free verse Sonnet…

edit: bleeping computer actually committed some journalism here:
"While Microsoft states that no data will be sent to their servers, one concern immediately comes to mind with this feature: how this recorded data will be locally secured on Windows devices.

If a threat actor gains local access to a device, would they be able to access this data or send it to their own computers to analyze the information offline for sensitive data.

Furthermore, Microsoft admits that the feature performs no content moderation, meaning it will screenshot everything it sees in active windows, including credentials, banking information, and other confidential information.

Only Microsoft Edge’s InPrivate windows and content protected by DRM will be excluded from Recall by default.

BleepingComputer contacted Microsoft about whether other browsers’ private browsing features would be excluded and whether the Recall data would be secured if a device is breached. We will update our story if we receive a response."

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Another real example of this meme.


The desire to shove AI into every possible application and service isn’t even remotely undertaken with the consumer’s best interests at heart. It’s down to telemetry, and with telemetry comes data, and with data comes the ability syphon off high value datasets and sell them, aggregate them, or worse, allow them to be compromised, breached, or stolen. Of course, that hasn’t happened before… ever… /s


All of that and to have even greater control of people’s decisions, conversations, and eventually thoughts.


I despise AI as much as my distaste for Windows and my aversion to Microsoft. All because of their intrusive, manipulative invasion of everyone’s privacy and taking away the freedom of choice. Use Linux and forget Windows even exists!


I think this is biased…

You didn’t mention Apple. :sweat_smile:


Well I’ve never ever owned or used an apple product in my lifetime. I guess I am Biased. :wink:


Essentially “The Chilling Effect”…

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I hope that’s a purple Slurpee!

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Looks like people are already hacking on its preview version:

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as if AI was never involved in ms data collection…it’s likely this is the case for the last 10 years in W10/11 (eula anyone? no, really, anyone?) but just coming out now to mainstream tech press (‘wired’) as damage control because somebody is playing a hand right now involving a product that was probably always there like a screenlogger…then switching something else with the other hand. Same as it ever was. cynically, Inspector Butters

Preaching to someone who knows.

I was just linking the threads since they’re about the same thing.

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I know you are. have been reading both threads with some melancholoy

Don’t be sad. No doom and gloom around here.

Instead, try harder. Harder to convince your communities, both physical and digital, to step away from walled gardens, for profit industry standards, etc.

If we, the people who know, don’t step up and do something, the majority of the people who don’t know will continue to be the majority, and that is the issue. Lack of knowledge makes people think they have no other options, and because they think like that, they accept anything they get.

There’s an analogy about chickens getting their feathers plucked out painfully, but still eating from their owners.

Found it. Didn’t know it was from one of those guys :grimacing::

As long as governments continue to allow the monopoly powers of tech companies, individuals can do nothing to stop this. Here in the US, I can still remember when MS got slapped for embedding IE in Windows 95/NT, which basically destroyed Netscape. What’s happened since? MS has embedded Edge without so much as a whisper from any oversight groups, now they own Activision/Blizzard with almost as little press. Same thing with AT&T - they got split into regional Ma Bells, now are bigger than they ever were. And you still can’t buy a PC without a “free” Windows license.

There’s no point trying to get large groups of people to dump Windows/Apple; maybe we can get a few friends/family/co-workers to switch, but these companies won’t even notice. I personally still dual-boot with Windows, mostly due to games that just run like crap on Linux. Today’s society, on the whole, just doesn’t care about privacy enough.

I honestly don’t think its people don’t care enough as they are just not truly informed about what it actually is. Most people are under the assumption Privacy means something to Hide. The media makes it out as only criminals have things to HIDE? Never do they point out those things we may wish to protect. If people truly understood how their data could be used against them they would not participate so freely. But those who are not criminals do not think like criminals and so they are naive to how damaging their information in the wrong hands can be.