Windows: Recall or not Recall

Not to sound harsh, but you’re the problem. It’s a problem you inherited, though. It’s not actually your fault.

Gonna quote myself:

"Too many humans feel or think that they can’t change the world. If you change 10 people, they can change 10 people EACH too. That’s 110 people that YOU changed.

Now imagine it was 20 or 47 people that you directly helped to see the world in a better way or changed a bad habit that has become normalised by the majority of the population. And imagine those people directly helping the same number.

The convenience of only caring about yourself and your decisions is a change in itself. One person said, “I can’t change the world” to their friend or relative, and that defeatist mindset spread just as quickly and stupidly as the recent pandemic."

There is an exponential possibility here that people completely disregard. This is due to the tradition of passing down a defeatist mindset from generation to generation.

I learned about Linux because someone was enthusiastic about it on YouTube. And while it took me over 10 years to finally break free from Windows, I did it because I was exposed to an alternative that I never knew existed.

“The only failure is in no longer trying” → This used to be my motto, and it’s one I’m re-adopting because it’s simple and very true.

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Did anyone else just get tingles? :sweat_smile:


Well, considering that I’m 60 and tech wasn’t anywhere near as invasive when I was growing up, I fail to see where “I’m the problem” or where I inherited it from. None of the big tech companies even existed back then, at least not in their current form. Did you miss the part when I mentioned the IE/Netscape debacle? Yes, WE did something about that - but today, if you try to do anything against the tech gods, you’re canceled and/or silenced so fast your original message is completely lost.

And as long as big government goes along with them, what chance do we have? It can be done, given enough time/resources. But do enough people care?

Great scene. Why can’t our leaders be like the fake ones in Hollywood?

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It CAN be done. Exactly.

The challenge is that negative mindsets spread like wildfire, whereas positive ones can get stomped out by an ant.

I’m inclined to agree. At a private, individual level, one is not forced to use Microsoft, Apple, [insert big-tech here] products. A choice is available. In fact it’s readily, and freely available, and there is a plethora of them.

It costs less financially, to adopt free (as in freedom) alternatives.

Loyalty to the big tech options, I believe, largely stems from individuals remaining uninvested in matters of personal liberty and all that involves. Those matters probably don’t even get a look-in, because “look just how convenient this [insert feature here] is!”. People happily, and willingly spend good money, to install privacy destroying devices and software in the intimate spaces of their homes and lives. Not because they had no choice, but because it’s what they choose.

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It’s more than just having positive thoughts. We’re way beyond a simple grassroots effort here. I will take my share of the blame in letting things get as bad as they are. My biggest mistake was actually believing that the US news media and government were actually on my side; again, reference my earlier comments about monopoly breaking.

Now, for some good news - I was alive when Major League Baseball actually did something about a historically bad umpire. Losing Angel Hernandez was a small step for positive change, but a most welcome one.

If an MLB ump can get replaced, then maybe there’s hope.

Yup. Convenience is the most pursued goal of humans. But it is also the most abused.

Being that people’s mindsets often dictate their actions, yes, it’s not just about positive thoughts or basic actions. However, in order to master any skill, one first has to start with the basics.

The skill a lot of us need to master is getting uncomfortable again, like some of us did when trying to switch to an alternative. The reason this is needed is that many of us are now very comfortable knowing that we switched, especially those who’ve switched their families.

But we need to look beyond ourselves and families and help others take their first few steps away from and out of the clutches of this social trap of government and corporate control, that has been neatly dressed up as convenience.

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What a news… :unamused:

It’s like the weather forecast. The reports are the same.

No need to dig your grave yet:

It’s always funny to read tinfoiler/security “enthusiast” gasping over everything security related these days.

this is the last warning for windows users… USE LINUX!!! (unless ubuntu decides to add AI…)


Four ways to put Windows in “amnesic” mode


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Or better yet…


Just like with forcing people to sign in with a Microsoft account, they will work on finding a way to prevent people from turning it off.


So rather than find workarounds, it’s better to find an actual fix and squash the bug that is Microsoft Windows.

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The easiest fix for this is to go here.


I haven’t actually watched any more of the Recall-related videos, so this is news to me, though it kinda should have been obvious.

Here’s yet another reason why we can’t sit back and just allow people to be ignorant to the alternatives that are available.