Windows lets you now to access your Linux filesystem, but

Only if Windoze is involved and if Windoze has network/internet access. :wink:


Don’t let Windows infect your Linux … :mask::face_vomiting:


Like letting a syphilitic hooker screw you bareback.

No thanks.


You know you can always dual-boot arch with arch. :rofl:


My recommendation for Windows users who want a Unixy experience is to format their windoze drives and install Linux.


How dare you?! :upside_down_face: :wink:

Shiissh, that’s heavy! :rofl:


It’s either the spreadsheet done the lame way or the “Unixy” experience. Your choice, buddy!

Ain’t that true…
I was myself same (except office obviously :rofl: )

Not really. now it’s very hard to find a game that doesn’t run on Steam (which requires zero work), and Wine + Lutris (which requires some work initially, but with guide it’s easy)

WHAT? :astonished:
Can you give some sources?
First time i hear about that…


I think this is about anticheat. :roll_eyes:

Oh yeah,…I always forget about online games which i don’t really care too much about personally :laughing:
Well that’s a bummer, but i’m sure there are countless ways around it

P.S. Btw that Denuvo Kernel-based anti-cheat is such a joke :rofl:
I’d rather die than play game with such idea of…Well…

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I wrote what I think is a rather nice rant about how I hate the current state of gaming on the old Manjaro forum. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to repost it here, though :smiley:

TL;DR: I hate the current state of PC gaming.

  • “so its just Window gaming with extra steps?”
  • No, it’s way better, once you set it up you can backup your whole game library and never install it again, also you don’t have to think about Windows update break my PC!

See, i’m a good Wine salesman :sunglasses:

I love it, but i hate current state of private property respect, meaning people use clouds…
I don’t. :upside_down_face:


Yes, you’re the forum’s official sommelier. :rofl:



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I won’t judge, but that’s very weird indeed :laughing:

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I use C out of love and C++ when I need to get stuff done. I’m trying to teach myself Rust, but that’s going very slowly… :smiley:

I also use AWK a lot. And R. And sometimes I’m forced against my will to use FORTRAN, because I’m a physicist. That part sucks. I dabbled in Python, a bit.

I also know JavaScript, but let’s not speak of such unpleasant things.

Do markup/markdown languages count? I use LATEX almost every day, and HTML/CSS when I must.


If you have any programming experience, you can go through the entire Kernighan & Ritchie at a leisurely pace in about three to four afternoons. I can’t recommend that enough.

C is a really minimalist language: it is easy to learn, though quite difficult to use. On the other hand, C++ is the exact opposite, difficult to learn, but easy to use. I don’t like it, because it is so bloated, but I use it because I can get stuff done with it quickly.

The entire C language is practically a footnote in a book about C++.

C# is just an M$-Abomination®, made as an M$ response to Java’s popularity. I wouldn’t touch it wearing a hazmat suit.


Python is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s excellent when performance isn’t critical (i.e. in cases when you save more time in writing code than you save in running it). It’s also a great first programming language for beginners, but it remains useful even for seasoned programmers. So it’s a valuable skill to learn.

C is not very good for beginners, I agree. Especially manual memory management, which is quite error prone and can introduce bugs that are difficult to fix. Same thing about C++, even though they are trying hard to implement automatic garbage collection into it, programmers simply are not following the latest recommendations.

C# has awful garbage collection, though. If it had good garbage collection, it would remove itself. :rofl:

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For the science! :superhero:

He definitely know :frog: language :laughing:
Also he know Egyptian hieroglyphs too :rofl:

Wise choice :wink:

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Let’s wait :slight_smile:

Still it’s advisable to keep off, if there is a possibility and tool for M$ to access your Linux / files…

For example we all know that Intel management engine is backdoor with Minix inside, has it been addressed officially by M$ / Intel / Agencies ?

Of course not, you just see 100s of CVEs added each year :laughing:

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