Will Ro-Ro Be Voted Off EndeavourOS Island?

Hello Friends!

Interesting things happened since y’all last saw me.

My Acer completely shut me out (I forgot the BIOS password which was equally bad).

However by the grace of God, I was gifted a brand new Dell XPS 9315 with Ubuntu pre-installed!

I attempted to load EOS on XPS and it did not work.

Since I have been “laptop-less” since February 7th, I went ahead and decided to keep Ubuntu on this laptop. I have wasted time and I am behind on projects.

Plus, Dell gives me a year of support.

Thus, I am not officially an EOS-er anymore.

With this in mind, y’all get to choose my fate!

Vote below!

Does Ro-Ro need to be kicked out because he now uses Ubuntu?

  • Yes and don’t let the door hit you on the backside!
  • Maybe…Depends as long as he doesn’t become an Ubuntu evangelist
  • Nah, EOS is friendly to all distro users

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Dont start no buntu and there wont be no buntu! :wink: :joy:


Question: if you need to make money with a computer, why rely on a folding computer and not take something real? A proper desktop computer! You always with your toy computers …

You can add that to your survey right away …

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I live in a small apartment and even with a small form factor…the space is not there.

I live in a one bedroom where the living room is 15 feet square and between 3 end tables, a coffee table, a love seat, 2 large chairs, a TV stand for a large 4k TV, and a chest freeze I have plenty of room to get around and still have a 18 in square computer at one end of the love seat.

Whoever voted “Yes” should themselves be kicked out. :sweat_smile:

Otherwise you’re being a bit childish with this poll. I use Ubuntu also, with KDE, after I avoided it for at least six months after Ubuntu Studio chugged on my 10-year-old laptop. Decided for the same version but without the extraneous audio and visual-design stuff.

If you’re kicked out then I accept nobody else doing “Question of the Day”. I’m going to leave too… :running_woman: (point the other way will you?)


No, I’m sure you can stay, it doesn’t matter what distro you use. Many users here use a different distro from EndeavourOS. (Some people here even use windoze! :astonished: )

However, since 'Buntu is different from Arch, my advice would be:

  1. Do not offer help to people unless you are absolutely positively sure that your solution is applicable to Arch.
  2. If you have 'Buntu problems, don’t try to apply an Arch solution if you’re not sure it will work.
  3. Don’t ask here for help regarding 'Buntu-specific problems. They should be fairly easy to look up elsewhere, and it would be confusing to clutter this forum with them.

no one mentioned getting the device working for EndeavourOS :wink:


True that, How’d you go getting it up and running @RokettoPanchi ? Only asking so future user might find the answer they need
Edit, realise your running Ubuntu, can’t remember but did you try arch with archinstall?




Looks good to me.

My calm & considered response to this poll is:


I feel sorry for you.


I want to make somebody feel like they still belong somewhere, if he/she feels ostracized. Also I don’t need to tell lies. :man_shrugging:

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Don’t forget you can virtualize Endeavour if you are nostalgic man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
QEMU KVM is running very smooth and fast any guest OS on my 11th gen core i7 11800H Intel stuff…
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:left_speech_bubble: There are no failures — just experiences and your reactions to them. — Tom Krause

yea looks like it should work… i bet some setting in firmware needs to be changed secure boot could be that or CSM legacy mode something…


I see no reason to be concerned with what version of Linux you run.

I was even considering using Ubuntu simply because getting Rocm and such going use to be easier till arch started having it in testing repos and now is the easiest option lol

Use what works and if its not broke or doesn’t not fit your needs don’t fix it. Dell with Ubuntu is a pretty nice option. Linux as a whole doesn’t even necessarily work for everyone. I have a friend in audio production who I always joke about switching to Linux but truth is their audio interface ONLY works on windows or macos so Linux isn’t a thing (its VERY expensive and proprietary)


Did you disable secure boot? The Ubuntu kernels are signed, and the laptop probably shipped with secure boot enabled.


Of course not! This forum is the kindest I have ever seen. I never daily drove EnOS but I didn’t get kicked out because of that. Maybe that’s because I never mentioned it before… :grin: